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Man offers $20 upkeep for 5 kids

By Noleen Makhurane

A BULAWAYO man yesterday offered $20 for the upkeep of his five children after he was dragged to the maintenance court by his ex-wife.

Man offers $20 upkeep for 5 kids
Man offers $20 upkeep for 5 kids

Manqoba Moyo took her ex-husband Solomon Rangai to court demanding $120 for child support saying their children were suffering.

Moyo pleaded with magistrate Adelaide Mbeure to grant her claim saying her five children, all below 18 years of age, were suffering after she separated with Rangai, whom she continued to refer to in court as her husband.

Rangai, however, said the woman was his ex-wife.

“My husband refuses to support our children. They’re suffering and I beg the court to intervene,” she said.

Rangai told the court that he could not afford $120 because he was unemployed.

He said he was retrenched in July last year following the Supreme Court ruling allowing employers to terminate workers contracts on three months’ notice.

Rangai said he has not been able to find another job after he was sacked.

“I’ve tried to look for a job but no one is employing. I’m trying my best as a father but I hardly make any money,” he said.

Rangai told the court that he could only raise $20 a month for his children from menial jobs.

“I know I can raise $20 from cleaning cars. If I get anything more I will add on but I don’t want to be in contempt of court” he said.

Magistrate Mbeure ordered Rangai to pay $40 towards the upkeep of his children starting this month end. The Chronicle