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Unpacking and wrapping 2015 drama in Zimbabwe

By Kurauone Chihwayi

As the curtain comes down on the  eventful but wasted  2015, Zimbabweans should bury some of the ugly events of the past year and focus on the fruitful life without Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe ahead.

Kurauone Chihwayi
Kurauone Chihwayi

The emergency of a state house actor in the form of first lady Grace Mugabe and the mushrooming of zanu pf offshoots who are already claiming to be champions of development,democracy,good governance,chosen people blah!! blah!! blah!! led by Noel Mutasa who has been reduced to a cattle herd man by Zanu pf.

He is the same Noel who confiscated donor cars given to Jomic for use by various political party members in the peace body.

Is this the same Noel who burnt houses,killed kids and fought James Kaunye in Makoni with catapults,fire,machetes and spears who now claims to be our good anointed messiah.

There is a group of people that until this day believe that the next party to rule Zimbabwe should be a fragment of Zanu pf no matter how rogue and dirty the culprits may be.

God loves this country and he will choose an able and merciful leader for it and will not ignore the good and faithful prayers of his children.

We are in this struggle for the good reason of restoring sanity not for the riches,we are very thankful to the good Lord for the   love that has seen some of us this far whilst living in a lion’s den.

We, the hungry and sick children of the good great Lord are languishing in abject poverty under the leadership of a 92 year old ruler who has been in power since 1980 and has done almost everything to  conquer and retain political power through  bad means claiming to be the chosen one.

Until this day we are still shocked by the deafening silence  over Gukurahundi where over 20000 people were slaughtered by the North Korean trained Zimbabwe national army wing and some criminals inside Mugabe’s kraal say ‘its now water under the bridge’ water under the bridge?

The wasteful Phelekezela Report Mpoko spoiled our festive season with the usual hogwash, blaming the West for the merciless slaughter of the innocent sons and daughters.

The whole acting President getting over excited with a temporary position of authority to the extent of lying and misleading the innocent nation. Jokes aside comrades, no one under this planet in or outside the opposition ranks will get away with murder no matter how drunk we may be.

The mdc shall continue to demand answers and justice from Mugabe and other criminals who were directly involved in the butchering of the innocent men,women and children in Midlands and Matebeleland provinces.

I read some vomit by a zanu pf reject saying Teurai will deal with the Gukurahundi issue.How is she going to deal with it cdes if i may ask? You were players yesterday but today you are telling us that you are the liberators of the dead?

Hey good people of man give us a rest here!  If my memory serves me well this is the same Teurai who after being fired from Zanu pf declared allegiance to Mugabe in the many statements that she personally authored.

We are praying daily for regime change  in Zimbabwe to save ourselves and many coming generations.

It is our prayer that Zimbabweans be saved from the chains of bondage and be assisted to cross into Canaan for the required rest and abundant milk and honey.

We have a zanu pf leadership that claims to be peaceful and honest yet people have died,disappeared and abducted by state security agents.

The dramatic abduction of Itai Dzamara, Nabanyana shall remain in our minds for life someone somewhere will one day be called to explain.

We are leaving in fear of the jackals and wolves in the kraal my Lord.

Zimbabweans are praying for regime change,a complete overhaul of the government administering our daily lives.

We are leaving in shocking isolation because of our leader’s blunt, crude and filthy tongue.

A corruption ridden nation where the smart ones cannot get residential stands and jobs.

A country where we  are living in terrifying poverty while crooks are getting away with murder without questions being asked.

He has been waffling about economic empowerment without creating the required opportunities to empower the people. He claims to have given people land when he has parceled all the land to Zanu pf supporters and members only and nothing for those outside Zanu pf.

He introduced an indigenisation law that he has used to enrich those supporting his messy leadership. As if that is not enough his nephew has indicated that they have mutually agreed to impose a 10% empowerment levy on distressed firms the loot that will go into their fatty pockets again.

They have devised looting strategies as if they are pretty sure that they are  on their way out.

As i write this article Mugabe has just flown out at our expense to the so called far east for holiday. Hear me here comrades, I said Far East!! A whole head of state splurging thousands on dollars leaving the country burning and all of us in wailing

The Mugabe administration is preoccupied with looting and succession fights thinking that there will  be a Zanu pf after 2018.

Our own important  civil servants have just received their pay advice slips indicating that they will be paid their December salaries in January next year.

Since April the same government has been telling the good civil servants that their annual bonus for 2018 will be coming but nothing has come to fruition so far.

We are crying for jobs,food,democracy,our rights,an honest people driven government and above all a God fearing leader.

Available natural resources such as diamonds were looted by the regime and industries closed,salaries frozen and investors frustrated.

We are jobless,hungry and very sick without medication and money for treatment while those aligned to Robert Mugabe are filthy rich,over fed and catered for.

We are under siege in a country where a law has been introduced to  make the poor more poorer and the the rich  richer.

It is evidently clear that Mugabe’s indigenisation law is the source of our poverty and suffering.

We have nothing to show and nothing to celebrate since the enactment of the Indigenisation law.

Robert Mugabe’s administration is overloaded with dishonest crooks who have a penchant for lying and stealing.

The country called Zimbabwe is now stagnant and lifeless because the government is too broke to keep the ball rolling.

Our industries are still closed,economy dead,hospital equipment dysfunctional,wildlife being stolen,innocent people being killed,elections being rigged,human rights defenders being harassed and tortured everyday,we have a vice President called Phelekezela Report Mpoko merry making in a five star hotel in Harare.

The President of China has just left Zimbabwe after a pomp and fanfare reception.President Xi Jingping came , we saw him,he made noise,promised heaven on earth,signed mega deals,held secret meetings with Mugabe and left  nothing for the poor though  my good obscure bishop Lazarous has called for patience.What patience spiritual father? baba ve masowe tibatsirei apa(good bishop help us here)

These are not the first mega deals with China or any powerful nation that Mugabe has signed and all of them are  gathering dust.We shall remain patient and keep on hoping to see corpses coming back home for supper.

I have great respect for the wisdom filled and fearless Sunday newspaper bishop whose sunday sermons have been spot on.

Zimbabwe is a hard hat area for serious investors,a country ruined by menacing Zanu pf sharks who are now too rich to breath.

It is my sincere prayer that my plea for regime change be granted for the good of our embattled souls.We are convinced that God’s time has come judging from the confusion in the house.

Wrong  scripts are being read at official functions and an overzealous state house mistress who claims to be more powerful than two vice presidents  is currently on the rampage crushing zanu pf into debris acting on the  wrong  advice and guidance of her bedroom nonagenarian

A president’s wife should be more like the mother of the nation, smart and cool  like a catholic sister that can unite the nation regardless of political affiliation not this mad idiot that vomits in the kitchen pot, i mean this uncouth and wasteful executive mistress who donates over size plastic shoes to grade one pupils and expect them to be grateful.

Grace is on a crusade to destroy her own party Zanu pf and donating state tractors as if she is a minister of government.The many ministers of agriculture have been left jobless and relegated to the pool of spectators.

We hope those unrepentant members of the dying party chanting munhu wese kuna amai are aware of the dirty amai they are  licking.

The Movement for Democratic Change was never anywhere near  the  drama series that took centre stage in 2015 including Ancelimo Magaya’s NERA. We have said it before and we are saying it again that the MDC will never use hyenas to get to the promised land.We will rather use camels than using a witch’s mode of transport.

The mdc will never be dragged to the swimming pool  by political crooks in that smart way. Our tireless mdc obituary writers can continue with their evil rants  though that has never helped anyone or  dented our preparations for future constitutional wars.

The lies and exaggerated defections meant to portray the mdc as non existent and haunted failed to destroy the great revolutionary party that has been in existence since 1999.

Since 31 July 2013 we have been reorganising  the  team  and nothing will stop us from winning future political battles. Zimbabwe does not need fictitious and dubious coalition arrangements to extricate it from the mud.

Kurauone Chihwayi is the Secretary for Information and Publicity in the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube