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Bismark, Passion feud rages on

By Adoration Bizure

HARARE – The cold war between Kingdom Embassy leader Prophet Passion Java and Bishop Tudor Bismark of New Life Covenant still rages on as the two men of cloth have not yet met to settle their differences.

Bishop Tudor Bismark and Prophet Passion Java
Bishop Tudor Bismark and Prophet Passion Java

The dispute emanated following a disclaimer by Bishop Bismark on social network sites accusing local prophets Passion Java and Uebert Angel of associating themselves with his ministry in order to get international acclaim.

Despite flying the country’s flag high in foreign lands and having mutual friends around the world, Bishop Bismark and Prophet Passion have both failed to settle the matter. Officials who work closely with prophet Passion and Bishop Bismark have both revealed that the two men of cloth are not on talking terms.

“The only time the’ GOOD BISHOP’ met with prophet Passion was when Bishop Noel Jones came into the country. The Bishop met Prophet Passion because he has a relationship with Bishop Jones whom he had invited.

“Our ministry has nothing to do with Kingdom Embassy. In fact we have quite a lot of differences with them in terms of certain belief and practises they uphold in their ministry. We have not withdrawn our statement.

“I am not sure if they are doing so going around foreign nations especially in Europe as well as in the US associating themselves with our ministry. Therefore there is nothing that needs to be settled here. Advice we can only give them is that they should repent,” he said.

Prophet Passion Java, is divorcing his wife, Yasmin
Prophet Passion Java and wife Yasmin

A close official to Prophet Passion also confirmed that there are differences between his church and Jabula Ministry.

“It is unfortunate that up to now Prophet Passion and Bishop Bismark have not met over accusations laid against our father, prophet Passion by Bishop Bismark that he was associating himself with his ministry.

“When the news started circulating on social media we sought audience from Bishop Bismark to explain our position. We explained to him but he insisted that he was not going to remove the post he had posted on Facebook or to withdraw his statement for office reasons.

“There are two things, it’s either Bishop Bismark was misinformed or he had another agenda he wanted to push because we have never associated ourselves with his ministry as he claims,” the official said. H Metro