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Revenge porn website boss jailed

A man who set up a revenge porn website called Is Anyone Up has been jailed.

Hunter Moore
Hunter Moore

Hunter Moore – dubbed the revenge porn king – says he started the site after a “girl broke his heart”.

But the 29-year-old soon found it was making him huge amounts of money.

Is Anyone Up posted nude photos which often included names and contact details.

Many of the victims’ photos were found by their family and friends.

Some were subjected to harassment and even assaulted.

Moore, from California, has now been sentenced to two and a half years in prison and fined more than a £1,000 ($2,000).

When he’s released he will be under supervision for three years.

It means he will have to log every “computer, computer-related device, screen name, password, e-mail account or ISP” with his probation officer.

But there’s criticism that his punishment isn’t tough enough and that US laws don’t tackle revenge porn as a specific crime.

Last year, Moore was found to be paying an accomplice to hack into peoples’ computers and steal nude photos.

He’d been dubbed the “Most hated man on the internet” by Rolling Stone magazine and faced huge criticism online.

The FBI arrested him for accessing “a protected computer without authorization to obtain information for private financial gain.”

He pleaded guilty at a court in Los Angeles on Wednesday and will have to pay compensation to his victims of just under a hundred pounds or $145.70 each. BBC