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May the ‘fake prophets’ please stop it!

By Fatima Bulla

These are indeed interesting but dangerous times! 

If there was no after life; Abraham, Moses and Apostle Paul would be turning in their graves over what is happening in the prophetic world.

Paul Sanyangore of Victory World International Ministries
Paul Sanyangore of Victory World International Ministries conducting some of his alleged miracles

People have been asked to eat snakes and drink fuel, prophets have stepped on women’s bodies, some have killed and then resurrected the ‘dead’, they have even anointed pens and now condoms!

What exactly are these prophets trying to achieve?

While I have no problem with condoms being a subject for discussion in church, I have a problem with the abuse of the word anointing. The Bible should be the basis for Christian principles. However, very few prophets seem to understand that.

The key word for most of these prophets seems to be ‘anointing’, which is understandable considering that most people desire this anointing.

But when Prophet Paul Sanyangore anointed condoms at a church last week, I also thought of penning an anointed piece to air my anointed concern.

I think this time around, the Victory World International Ministries leader outdid himself.
Women are said to have come gushing like a mighty wind to partake of the anointed condoms.

While the Bible instructs us not to touch those anointed by God – a verse that I think has been quoted out of context and abused – l am wondering if the role of prophets has boiled down to this.

For the sake of Prophet Elijah, the prophet who called heaven’s fire and rain in defence of God’s name, what does the code of conduct – the Bible – say about the mandate of a prophet?

For Prophetess Deborah’s sake, the one who sat the entire day under a tree judging with wisdom, led Israel to war and was a great wife, what is the mission of today’s prophet in the Christian world?

For the sake of Ruth, the one who went to glean in the fields for food so that together with her mother-in-law they could survive, what is the role of anointed pens when a child is in a life-changing examination?

I am tempted to put blame on the prophets but then again, this gospel has readily receptive congregants. I think we have what Jesus called a wicked and perverse generation, seeking after signs and wonders, itching for a word to please them.

None that is willing to work their own salvation with fear trembling. Some Christians have become children playing in the market place (Luke 7:32), busy being children where maturity is required.

While pertinent issues of homosexuality, erosion of the family unit, harsh economic challenges and climate change are confronting the nation, we have men of God who choose to focus on anointing condoms and pens.

Instead of grounding people in the tenets of the word and equipping them to match up the challenges of today’s world, some prophets are spitting poisonous phlegm from their mouths.

However, that is not peculiar to present day generations, such characters are there in the Bible. In Jeremiah 28, you find Prophet Hananiah who loved telling people what they liked to hear.

Ezekiel 13 gives a picture of false prophets who speak out of their own volition, not God’s.
Matthew 7 v 15 warns people against false prophets. It gives a clue that by their fruits, you will know them.

Therefore a day of reckoning will come. The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few. But while we wait to identify the prophets’ fruits, let me warn the fake ones to “stop it!” Sunday Mail