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Pay up or no voting at Zifa poll

By Nigel Matongorere

HARARE – Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze insists affiliates who have not paid up their fees will not vote during next month’s board elections.

Zifa chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze
Zifa chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze

The Zifa Assembly will be voting for a new board on December 5 to replace the executive committee led by Cuthbert Dube which had its mandate revoked at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on October 3.

Since that October EGM, the entire nation has been captivated by the race by prospective candidates to be part of the new Zifa board.

The post of Zifa president will be competed for by Philip Chiyangwa, Trevor Carelse-Juul, Leslie Gwindi and James Takavada.

Lincoln Mutasa and Omega Sibanda will battle it out for the vice president’s post while 10 candidates have submitted their names for the four posts available on the board.

The four positions will be competed for by Wilfred Mukuna, Edzai Kasinauyo, Musa Mandaza, Piraishe Mabhena, Felton Kamambo, Beadle Gwasira, Joseph Musariri, Jackson Munyaka, Lewis Uriri and Philemon Machana.

However, a number of the affiliates that make part of the 58 delegates in the Zifa Assembly which will vote on December 5 are in danger of missing out completely as their membership fees are not in order.

“We put in the information to the affiliates,” Mashingaidze told the Daily News.

“Those who are not in good standing will not be allowed to participate in the elections.

“It is stated in the Zifa constitution in terms of Article 13. It is a statutory position and we cannot compromise on it.

“Those affiliates that have not paid up have been communicating with our finance department and I’m sure by the end of this week we will have a clear position of who still has outstanding fees and who has paid up.”

According to the Zifa constitution Article 13 (d), all members of the assembly have the obligation “to pay their membership subscriptions”.

The Daily News understands that most of the 10 Zifa provinces do not have up to date subscriptions which will bar them from taking part in the forthcoming elections.

The women’s assembly, which contributes four delegates to the assembly, is also not fully paid up as they are currently involved in a power struggle.

“Why are the affiliation fees becoming an issue now? Last time around when we voted to have Dube and his board revoked this issue was not raised. It is surprising that the issue is only coming up now,” one of the councillors told the Daily News.

Another councillor questioned the policing of Article 13 (d) ahead of these elections.

“What is surprising is that all along Zifa has not asked for these subscriptions in the past but all of a sudden it is a compulsory requirement,” said the councillor.

“We begin to wonder whether there is a ulterior motive behind this strong insistence that we should pay up the subscriptions.

“Maybe they want to bar us from taking part thinking we might vote against their preferred candidates to be part of the new board.”

The Zifa elections have already attracted a lot of hurdles since nominations opened in October.

Former sports journalist Hope Chizuzu has already challenged the composition of the Zifa Electoral Committee in the High Court.

Chizuzu’s application was dismissed as an urgent matter and will now only go into the normal roster which could affect the outcome of the polls in future.

Sports minister Makhosini Hlongwane has also issued a strong warning to some of the candidates who have threatened their competitors ahead of the elections. Daily News