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Uebert Angel rebrands his church

By Adoration Bizure

Prominent preacher and televangelist prophet Uebert Angel has rebranded his church from Spirit Embassy to the Good News Church with immediate effect.

Prophet Uebert Angel
Prophet Uebert Angel

Prophet Angel made the announcement on Twitter and pointed out that the Spirit Embassy will be an umbrella term for the different units of his ministry, however the church will now be called the Good News Church.

“Spirit Embassy remains the name of the organization that manages the church but The Good News Church is the new church name ,” he wrote.

The transition has been received with mixed feelings from prophet Angel’s followers as some have endorsed it whilst others feel they will take time to adjust.

Meanwhile, a follower of Uebert Angel, evangelist Jonathan Tapers said the new name was in line with the prophetic word that prophet Angel uttered some time ago.

“What people have to understand about our church is that we are a prophetic church and we are led by the Spirit in everything that we do. Evey step that we take we do it under the guidance of the Spirit in everything that we do.

“Every step that we take we do it under the guidance of the Spirit of God. When our man of God was in the whole rebranding thing only those who had eyes of the spirit understood his utterances. So for me, this is just a prophetic confirmation of what was supposed to happen. We are not the first church that has rebranded.

“Other churches such as Forward in Faith rebranded and is now called Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA) forward in Faith,” he said.

Another follower of Prophet Angel had a different opinion with regards to the matter. She said she will take time to get used to the name.

“This is not something that I will just adjust to because for the past three years that I have been a member of our church I have actually identified myself with the term Spirit Embassy. If you check all my usernames on Social media on all my user names, Spirit Embassy was there.

“I know I am not the only one, a lot of people from my church have Spirit Embassy as their user names on different social networks especially on Facebook. But I know Papa (Prophet Angel) has a good reason to change the name but I am still waiting to hear from him why the name had to be changed,” she said. H Metro