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Teen sex shocker….. minor in bridge sex

HARARE – In a worrying development, an underage girl-barely in her teens – was last week involved in daylight sex with an older boy under the “flyover” bridge just outside the city centre, along Seke Road.

The front page of the H Metro tabloid
The front page of the H Metro tabloid

And this happened at an area used by many people going about their business that side of town and a crowd even gathered to catch a glimpse. The two are of no fixed abode.

In another twist, their act resulted in a fist fight as another youth who claimed to be her boyfriend attacked the one who had taken her under the bridge.

One of the “lovers” was left bleeding from the nose and was whisked away by fellow street kids. The centre of the fiery fist – fight was the young girl who is a vendor within the vicinity of the incident.

Despite her age, it emerged from the mini chaos that she already has a list of male clients, many of them the unemployed youths on the street.

The unfazed little girl, bragging about her new – found fame , could be heard shouting on top of her voice as she emerged from under the bridge: “Handikecherwe $2. Ndiri kuseta masettings.”

One of the young men involved in the scuffle, seemingly satiated from the act was later pictured lying on his back between his other colleagues on the bank of the Mukuvisi River.

Onlookers particularly those who had disembarked from buses and kombis at the Flyover Bus Stop could not help, but watch in horror and pass comments on the scene unfolding before them .

“Zvino mvura yacho inganaye sei nezvakadai izvi? ” one female onlooker was overheard saying to no one in particular. H Metro