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Magaya attacks miracle claims

A number of white South Africans attended Prophet Walter Magaya’s crusade in Pretoria and allegedly had demons exorcised from them. The crusade also attracted a number of people who scrambled for anointing oil on the last day.

Prophet Walter Magaya
Prophet Walter Magaya

Doubting Thomases testified that they thought Magaya was stage managing miracles in a way to lure people his ministry. Prophet Magaya disclosed his secret prayers at a press conference following bad publicity from various media organisations.

“It was my wish to meet President Mugabe and I managed that and now it is my wish to see journalists being born again and be enlightened to avoid demonizing their nations by becoming prophets of doom.”

“Besides covering church services where you come glued in your perspectives refusing to respect your conscience in order to sell with bad reports.” following stories posted on social media by some of you saying we stage manage miracles I confronted God in prayer to draw people with wounds for healing since no one will say a wound was cooked.

“What do you say about that white man on oxygen who was miraculously healed and all those who manifested and uttered words in their mother language? Did I stage manage that as well? I am not moved by such accusations since it strengthens me more,” he said.

Magaya put all the glory to God saying God’s love for his people is amazing following his successful missionary journey to Botswana and South Africa.

“I have learnt that God loves all nations and wants them delivered from all troubles caused by the devil and God’s spirit drew people to attend the two international crusades and he showed his love by healing and delivering many in these crusades,” said Magaya.

Turning to the Zimra issue Magaya reiterated that he is a law abiding citizen and will comply with all Zimra demands according to law.

“It is better for government not to tax God by demanding tax from churches for it brings a curse and I urge relevant authorities to revise this…. payment of tax by Jesus. They were after finding faults and because Jesus’ time was not ripe and he agreed and decided to pay using not his ministry funds but that (which was) lost in the river and swallowed by a fish.”

“Had Jesus used ministry funds which used to be carried by Judas Iscariot , he would have agreed to bring curse and not deliver people from poverty,” Magaya said.

On the sidelines of the PHD Crusade, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Anastancia Ndlovu clarified the issue of Zimra taxing churches. She said Zimra has always been taxing churches on their projects and does not tax tithes and offerings collected in churches.

The Deputy Minister hailed Prophet Magaya and Prophet Makandiwa and other churches who are promoting domestic and religious tourism. Magaya got the opportunity yesterday to answer questions from prayer partners and laid hands on the sick.

Magaya explained the importance of prayer partners saying they grasped his vision and are prepared to support it in all weathers. Some of the members had brought their spouses assuming that their spouses were the partners being talked about.

“Allow me to clarify that prayer partners are not spouses but these are people, either men or women who grasped the ministry vision and are prepared to support it with what they can afford. These are the ones taking the ministry to different nations and standing with PHD for it to move forward ,” said Prophet Magaya. H Metro