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Couple fight over status… dragged to court

A Harare couple was sued for causing unrest in their neighbourhood each time they fought over inflicting each other with the HIV virus.

File picture of Harare Civil Courts
File picture of Harare Civil Courts

Janet and Maxwell Matariro were dragged to the domestic violence court after they destroyed part of the house they were staying in during one of their fights.

Tarisai Pondo, the executor of property, including the house in which the couple was staying in, approached the court seeking a peace order against them.

“I need to protect the interest of the beneficiaries by making sure the property left by the deceased is kept safe. The couple is not part of the beneficiaries but is staying in the house left by the deceased. They have destroyed part of it.

“They are always fighting and during the fights they wreck the house. In addition, some neighbours have started complaining because of their behaviour, they are violent and hurl insults at each other.”

In her response, Janet said she was not the one who destroyed the house.

“My husband and I fight because he infected me with AIDS. I did not destroy the house but it was him who was throwing stones on the roof when I locked him out of the house.”

Maxwell added that he would respect the courts decisions.

“I deny the allegations levelled against me but if the court says I should leave then I will.’

Magistrate Barbara Mateko proceeded to grant the peace order in Tarisai’s favour. H Metro