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VIDEO – Young woman conned by thieves in Harare

HARARE – This was the heartbreaking moment a young woman in Harare realized she had been conned into parting with money that was meant for her school fees.

According to a Nehanda TV citizen reporter, the young woman was promised a job and told to put her own money in an envelop so that it would not be mixed with company money. When she got the envelope back, it contained papers.

She lost $162.

A crowd of people gathered around as she cried her heart out in the Central Business District between First Street and Kwame Nkrumah roads.

While some sought to comfort her, others could be heard telling her that crying would not help solve anything and she should accept that she had been conned.

With high unemployment levels in the country the crime rate has been on a steady climb. Nearly 30 000 people have lost their jobs since a Supreme Court judgment allowing companies to terminate contracts on three months notice.

Companies argue they are struggling to survive the prevailing economic collapse following President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF’s controversial election victory in 2013.

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