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Pastor goes berserk, destroys Anglican church property

By Mirirai Nsingo

MUTOKO – A pastor allegedly went berserk last week, vandalizing church property belonging to Mutoko Centre Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa.

Gunduza belongs to the faction of ex-communicated Anglican Church leader, Nolbert Kunonga (Pictured)
Gunduza belongs to the faction of ex-communicated Anglican Church leader, Nolbert Kunonga (Pictured)

Apostle Tirivangani Gunduza is reported to have pulled the roof off the Anglican church after he had been served with an eviction order by a messenger of court.

Gunduza who belongs to the ex-communicated Anglican Church leader, Nolbert Kunonga’s faction is said to have failed to stomach the eviction news hence he vandalized property at the church.

“Gunduza was appointed pastor by Kunonga although he had not gone through any training to lead the church. He was appointed in 2011 before he moved on to form his own church called God’s Fire Ministries International.

“He has since been using the church property for his ministry and we have over the years failed to have him vacate the premises. We were now renting premises elsewhere for our church services and Mass.

“Several efforts to have him vacate the premises had failed until we got the eviction order. The moment he was served, he vowed to destroy everything at the place and we didn’t believe him until he started by removing the roof.

“It was a moment of madness for the pastor as he even started digging the church building,” revealed the source.

Gunduza was not answering his phone although our source revealed that he had later agreed to apologize to the church through his lawyer, promising to fix the damage.

A report was made at Mutoko Police Station (RBR 2233124) although Mashonaland East acting provincial spokesperson, Inspector Nobert Muzondo, said his office was yet to receive the report.

He promised to investigate and avail details. H Metro