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Prophet who ordered congregants to eat live snake now in trouble

SOUTH AFRICA – The society for prevention of cruelty against animals (SPCA) is set to lay charges of cruelty to animals against End Times Ministries’ Prophet Penuel Mnguni after pictures of him feeding his flock a live snake went viral on social media.

Prophet Penuel Mnguni orders a member of his congregation to eat a live snake
Prophet Penuel Mnguni orders a member of his congregation to eat a live snake

On Wednesday afternoon‚ police escorted SPCA inspectors and nature conservation officials to Mnguni’s house in Soshanguve‚ North of Pretoria‚ to question him on his antics and also searched his RDP house for animals.

Mishack Matlou‚ an SPCA inspector in the Tshwane north region‚ said it was their responsibility to ensure that animals were not abused or treated in a cruel manner.

“We are conducting a preliminary inquiry with an intention of opening a criminal case against him. What we saw in the pictures is cruel. Imagine being eaten alive! This has to stop‚” he said.

Matlou said the pastor could feed his flock petrol‚ grass or cloths all he wanted but warned the 25-year-old to keep his hands off animals.

Pictures of Mnguni dangling a live snake before dropping it into a congregant’s mouth caused a stir this week‚ with his congregant saying it tasted like chocolate.

He told the inspectors that he does not keep snakes but said he would grab one and take it to church whenever he came across it‚ even lizards‚ as God gave him power to turn these into chocolates.

A concerned community member said since her child had become stubborn since she started attending the church‚ where they are told to take off their clothes.

“We have tried several times to get help to remove the evil church within our community‚ but do not know where to go to get this church out‚” she said. RDM News Wire