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Man runs away from home after maintenance order

By Innocent Manhimanzi

A Harare elderly man is reported to have fled his home after a court ordered him to pay US$150 for the upkeep of his child.

Harare Civil Courts
Harare Civil Courts

Edward Tsvetu left his wife of nine years- Regina Matiza- soon after she had dragged him to the Harare Civil court demanding maintenance.

This came to light at the same court where Edward was seeking a downward variation to the US$150 per month.

“In February the court ordered me to pay US$150 maintenance. Some people told me that I could approach the court after three months and plead for a downward variation.

“The US$150 I am suppose to pay is too much.,” he said.

Regina, in response, was not in a position to accept the variation and told court that Edward had left their matrimonial home in February.

“He left home the day he was ordered to pay US$150. He told me that I was going to suffer for bringing him to court. I don’t know where he is currently residing.

“When I went to his workplace, I was arrested. He doesn’t allow me to visit his workplace anymore and it is the only place I can see him.

“Back home, we have bills that need to be paid, his child needs creche fees. He has also removed me from his medical aid.

“I lost my job, he came to my workplace and created problems and my superiors terminated my contract, ” she said.

Presiding magistrate, Gamuchirai Siwardi dismissed his application on the basis that there were no changes in circumstances.