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Malema in SA, Grace Mugabe in Zimbabwe…oh, my God!

By Tanonoka Joseph Whande

As Julius Malema vomited on the Zimbabwean people last week, Grace Mugabe was opening the doors into dungeons of her filth.

Tanonoka Joseph Whande
Tanonoka Joseph Whande

I have waited for an African or two to poke my ribcage with their elbow and relieve me with three words, “Just kidding, buddie”.

Thirty-five years later, nothing but fresh vomit.

Fellow Africans say painful things to us, Zimbabwean victims, while praising our leader whose brutality has known no bounds.

There is an abundance of Africans who enjoy the cruelty of African leaders who abuse their own people. Maybe it makes them feel that they are not alone.

At the Dukwi Refugee Camp in Botswana, I and fellow Zimbabweans found ourselves among a host of African refugees, most notable to us being those from DR Congo.

There was a little tension because DR Congo refugees in the stream were pro-Kabila people who thought of Mugabe as a messiah.

Apart from a pregnant lesbian, there is nothing more disgusting than a foreigner who praises presidents of other countries who drive people into exile.

But the people of Africa are not kidding; starting with Mugabe, stupid people like Julius Malema grow their list of deranged African leaders and, surprisingly, hold them up as role models.

What do we do with leaders who steal national assets; leaders who commit genocide and leaders who abuse their citizens?

What do we do with puppies like Malema who distort our miserable daily reality for a chance to be quoted in the papers?

Imbeciles like Malema mock African countries because they have no better ideas to offer… just old regurgitated failed policies.

I share as much of a disdain for Jacob Zuma as Julius Malema does but for different reasons.

I never thought either Thabo Mbeki or Jacob Zuma were the right choices for a robust country like South Africa. But “…let us go out and vote for the Zulu boy”, said Malema in endorsing Jacob Zuma for the presidency.

Now, that they have fallen out and it has become personal, Malema tries to lower himself to the level of the poor (who are a majority in every African country and a source of “cheap” votes) when he is himself worth millions.

What pain does Malema know?

What has he gone through in his “political life” except being used for incitement before being dumped because he was always an empty tin echoing sounds from elsewhere?

Who is Malema to prescribe a leader for Africa?

What idiocy is it to say Africa’s presidents should not be constrained to two-terms in office…but not in South Africa?

“I don’t care if a president in Africa goes for a third term or for the fourth term, but not in South Africa,” Malema said. “They can do it everywhere else if they want to do it… It won’t work here in South Africa. Here it is two terms and go home.”

Were I not Zimbabwean, I would laugh at such naked idiocy from an illiterate South African who walks endlessly to find the horizon.

It is a shame to have people like Malema in any parliament.

South Africa and Botswana are bogged down by millions of political and economic refugees running away from hard times and political violence in Zimbabwe.

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Zimbabweans have known no other leader for 35 years; and, to that, add a lifetime of stolen elections; genocide, the killing of opponents, abuse and disappearance of journalists, starving people because of suspected political affiliation, and the total decimation of a robust national economy, the list is endless.

“How do you say a man (Mugabe) who has won elections is a tyrant?” asked Malema. “He has never preceded (sic) over any massacre of our people; he continues to lead a party that advocates for very radical economic policies in Zimbabwe.”

This is the stuff morons are made of and I would be willing to pay school fees for Malema at his nearest night school class.

Yes, Julius, Mugabe never ‘preceded’ over the massacre of any South Africans but he presided over a genocide of our people in our country of Zimbabwe. Stupid rhetoric like what you and Mugabe spout everyday does not feed the people.

And, Malema, what working “radical economic policies” does Zimbabwe have?

Zimbabwe is begging for food handouts and, this year, South Africa is importing maize too.

Julius, how old were you when Mugabe took power?

How many South African leaders have you lived under in your life so far? Would you agree that even apartheid South Africa, racist as they were, at least changed leaders more than Zimbabwe under Mugabe?

How many Zimbabweans do you have in South Africa and why?

You are a one-man issue and Nkandla is not going to make you into anything better. Politics has diversity and you have none; stupidity like yours is none of our business.

Meanwhile, the butcher of Zimbabwe, once again, travelled to Malema’s home country to referee political turmoil in Lesotho.

Apparently, Mugabe was expected to offer guidance and advice to Lesotho after a former army leader was murdered by government soldiers.

Did South Africa, which behaves like it is Africa’s boss, and SADC, which is a stinking useless group, want the Lesotho government to be taught how to kill political opponents without leaving traces?

Both South Africa and SADC are insulting the people of Zimbabwe.

Populist talk is catchy; it touches the very center of the troubled hearts of those who need economic, social and political redemption.

But populist talk pays no homage to economics because economics does not bend rules.

So we hear trash from rich people like Malema, Winnie Mandela, Robert and Grace Mugabe and others. We are all part of a global economic group that has to play according to rules.

We cannot escape that…look at Greece, a European country!

While Mugabe is all but done, his wife, Grace, is trying to prop up the old man in name to prolong the abuse of Zimbabweans and to continue milking the nation because both husband and wife are guilty as sin.

Last week, Her Holiness came out of hibernation and expressed satisfaction with the two Vice presidents, saying that, unlike Joyce Mujuru, the current vice presidents, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko, take notes each time they meet with her.

“I have lost count of the times that I have sat down with them one-on-one to talk about the development of Zimbabwe,” she said.

Grace talking about the development of Zimbabwe? Who ruined Zimbabwe, in the first place?

Mnangagwa and Mphoko are supposedly seasoned and well-educated politicians and for them to be “taking notes” as Grace rumbles along is a sad indictment on their character, particularly a so-called lawyer like Mnangagwa.

Being the wife of an African president, there is “no apparent reason” why Grace should not meddle in national affairs by virtue of taking off her panties for Mugabe, if she does that at all.

Meanwhile, in the USA, Priscilla Mutembwa, wife of Zimbabwe’s ambassador to the United States, has promised “to cater for the welfare of thousands of Zimbabweans living in America”, adding that she will “try to reach out to Zimbabweans living in USA, who normally struggle to renew their passports and access basic services”.

What business is it of hers to facilitate the renewal of passports?

What basic services? What the hell is this?

Did the Embassy close down? Where is the Ambassador? Do we still have a Consular Section, or whatever Chimurenga name we have for it?

Priscilla Mutembwa and Grace Mugabe, must, please, stay home and try to help children at Chinyaradzo or Rusike Children’s Homes after dealing with their own off-spring; they have no business in the Zimbabwean Embassy or in the government of Zimbabwe.