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Walter Magaya sinks too low again: Jowani Masowe is not a Church

By Wilfred Kushure

Once again we read Walter Magaya lambasting our religion with very sad reflections. We get solace from the very pertinent knowledge that false religious zealots target people and other religions and refuse to focus on God and His omnipotent Love for mankind.

Walter Magaya
Walter Magaya

It also does not cheat us to realise that Magaya is critical about all world religions but Christianity. Magaya thinks and says that Jews of Judaism are into false worship because they do not read the Christian Bible.

Magaya thinks and says that Moslems of Islam are into false worhip because they do not read the Christian bible. Much as Magaya thinks and says that we of Jowani Masowe are not of God because we do not use the Christian Bible as our reference point on the things of religion. This man is stooping too, too low!

Well, this is sad but we will not be side tracked. We know we are not a church but a religion. We do not read the Christian Bible because we have our own sufficient reference point in the things of God. We are an African Traditional Religion and Jowani Masowe is not a Christian appendage.

We respect Christianity as a religion of God that teaches the issues of God in their own special way which we differ with. And we respect Christians as children of our same One God who shall be judged by our same One God the same way as God shall pass judgement on each and every one of us on the Final Coming!!!

Our enemy is Robert Gabriel Mugabe and Magaya will not succeed in swaying our attention on the important issues of our nation. The one Mugabe who has destroyed our religion and laughs at our culture and takes little regard of our religious aspirations. Magaya should get out of our way and we choose to ignore his perambulations with all due respects.

Mugabe is the villain and is the common enemy of the Zimbabwean people. We have the true history which shall last. We shall tell it to our children and their children and children’s children until Jesus comes.

Well tell generations to come. That Mugabe is an evil episode in the history of Dzimbahwe (Zimbabweanness / Ubuntu). People must be healed and restored in their minds, hearts and blood and souls. This satanic mind of mugabeism will end.

Mugabe has planted his own ‘prophets’ in our religion. These recruit people for his failed Zanu. They grace all his occasions and put on the Mugabe regalia and still call themselves Jowani Masowe Chishanu (JMC). We now refer to them as Jowani Masowe yekwaMugabe. Just the way they now call these Jowanis yekwaNzira, yeMarondera, yekwaWhimbo, yeNguwotsvuku, yeJerusarema etc.

We will not pretend to be what we are not for fear of the devil in the hearts of fellow humans. We are who we are, JMC, because we are not Christians. We are led by the spirit of Jowani and because we are not led by the shallows of Magaya.

JMC has deep roots in the ancestral religion of Dzimbahwe and that is why we are not a ‘church’ as Magaya would like to put it. When Jowani came, he started by announcing his mission to Midzimu/Masvikiro. He chose to announce first to the Rozvi of the Moyondizvo at Nyamweda in Mhondoro, and we know why and it is very special. We also appreciate why this happened specifically during the era of Mambo Dombo’s Rozvi kingdom.

Jowani acknowledged midzimu and the ancestral religion. He told them that he knew they were given the time and powers to shepherd the Dzimbahwe. And that he knew they had been custodians of the Zimbabwean culture. Jowani assured them that he would uphold the Dzimbahwe culture but take away respect for the dead, snuff, mitupo and very few other items from the culture of the Zimbabwean people.

He told Masvikiro to take off the black cloth from their regalia and remain with the white cloth which the Jowani Masowe use today. This he did as a symbol of a new phase of the religion to worship God directly and through the Holy Spirit.

Jowani then requested to take with him the people, all the people of the black race to the renewed religion to which svikiro matangira concurred. ‘’…teverai murume uyu. Ndiye anoziva kunoenda mweya yenyu’.

We are to Zimbabwe what the Church of England is to Britain. We are the rightful traditional religion of ZIMBABWE and we do not admire at all what Magaya thinks is the right thing about God. We are to Zimbabwe what Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Shikhism etc are to their countries of origin and the regions around them. We are from our national origins and as a religion we represent everything Dzimbahwe.

To us this coming of Jowani is very crucial. It represents the Godly virtues of Love, respect, humility and peace characteristic of a Godly religion. It clearly puts us in a special place in the religious space of Zimbabwe. JMC is the African religion and hails from the Zimbabwean value system taught us by the former custodians of our African Zimbabwean culture as discussed. And we are not ashamed but very proud of that.

The transfer of things from midzimu to JMC was a smooth handover of the custodianship of the spirit and soul of Zimbabweanness. This explains kwakaenda midzimu yakare. A clear transition from the worship through ancestral spirits to worship directly to our God and through the Holy Spirit.

Just as did midzimu and Masvikiro, Jowani told us that we do not read the Bible. We do not condemn our culture and take on the western culture wholesome. We do not put on western dress, shoes and eye glasses.

To us of the Munhumutapa Jowani easily identified with us. Then also Jowani taught against western education (and went on to build his own schools) , medicine and culture.

Just as in the past Jowani taught simplicity, humility, respect, self-determination and against master-servant relationships in ‘forced’ labour kind of setup with the westerners. He also taught against foreign belief systems and especially against western culture and religion to which Magaya is turning out to be a very sorry part.

But when Magaya’s Christianity came with the Bible, the western education, the western medicine and the western culture, the Missionaries taught that the ancestral custodians of our Zimbabweanness were spirits of the devil. They taught that our culture is wrong and satanic.

They taught that we did not have God and that we did not know God. And that for us to know God we must learn from them and their Bible. Insinuating that we did not know Mwari/Yahwe/Musikavanhu before Robert Moffat and before David Livingstone ‘discovered’ the Tonga people and their landscape of Victoria Falls etc.

Missionaries and their/Magaya foreign religion (because Christianity is not a universal religion) showed no slightest respect for what is us. They showed no regard to what united us under our common culture and Zimbabweanness. They invaded the religious space of the Dzimbahwe and taught us to ignore our intrinsic knowledge of Mwari.

This missionary setup is the Mugabe mindset. He abhors his own people. He hates our Dzimbahwe. Mugabe has a colonial mindset of which he is a product. He is a symbol of the colonial dominionship and the missionary curse.

Our background explains why the former colonial masters fought Jowani and banned our religion. This is the same way Mugabe is fighting and banning our religion. He is setting up his JM Mugabe fronted by the Nzira crusade and Katsiru Mash East Zanu PF gospel. And now he has successfully recruited Walter Magaya to front the anti-Vapositori crusade. We are not bothered!

Mugabe’s history is the history of destroying Zimbabwe and deculturism. He refers to Zimbabwe as a Christian nation to impose his allegiance to the Pope on Dzimbahwe. He dedicates every minute of his borrowed time to see to it that we are thoroughly uprooted, decultured, divided and polarized. He is stripping us of our identity and pride as a distinct people of Zimbabwe.

We remember Hosiah Chipanga song, ‘Pharao watinyanya…’, Mathias Mhere’s ‘Areka’ and Charamba’s ‘Moses’. And we remember Zimbabwe and Dzimbahwe and our plight with Mugabe. The only thing left us is hope. Everything else Mugabe is taking away down with him to his grave. He also makes sure the system remains intact as he departs. The Mugabeism system of deculturalisation, mental colonization and terror.

There are many things about Mugabe which are colonial than Zimbabwean. He is a very clear symbol of a lost cause and reminds everyone of misery, dejection and death. You look at him and you see very little Dzimbahwe and everything colonial. He is the greatest mistake of our history. And Magaya is the willing religious lieutenant.

In the spiritual realm of the Dzimbahwe, Mugabe belongs to nowhere. He is a special representative of the arrival of colonialism to Africa. Even the Godly Christian community could be regretting ever being associated with such. Except that Magaya is mistakenly volunteering to please Mugabe at the expense of God’s true issues of Love, Tolerance and Peace.

What with the blood at Entumbane and the mountains and valleys of Silobela, Nkayi, Lower Gweru, Esigodini etc. He is a very regrettable memory, Mugabe.

Mugabe closely fits the widely held suspicion that he could have been Ian Smith’s strategic plan against our Chimurenga in the mid to late 70’s. Otherwise why would Samora Machel have rejected him at first? Why torture and imprison our trained cadres from Mgagao at the peak of our war?

Why adamantly divide Zimbabwe along tribal lines at Lancaster Conference? Why sign a ceasefire document that sold out our land and property rights? Why purge thousands of innocent people of Zimbabwe in an independent country?

Why kill more of your own people in less than 5 years than the enemy did in 16 years of war. Why suppress your own people and everyone else’s views than yours. Why? Why? Why Robert???

Therefore Mugabe can win everything but can not win the spirit and soul of our Zimbabweanness. He can destroy everything and everyone but can never destroy that special Zimbabweanness of our blood spirit and souls.

We understand that he is devil sent to destroy whatever is us. To destroy our truly African religion, our values and belief systems and culture. We know he is aware of this and that it is his number 1 agenda. Let him be cursed now!

Mugabe thinks we do not know our history and that we do not remember who we are as a people. He hopes we forget where we come from. As much as Magaya thinks we do not know the history of Christianity. His Jesus is not the Son of God Prince of Peace but it looks like Magaya’s Jesus is the son of Joseph who belongs to only the ‘christians’.

Mugabe thinks every Zimbabwean’s mind is colonized by him the way he was mentally colonized by Rhodesia. We remind Mugabe that go well soon but please Zimbabwe is not for sale!

We identify very closely with where we come from as a religion. We acknowledge the religion of our forefathers. We come from the true religious setting of our Zimbabwean roots. Jowani Masowe Chishanu is only a corrected version of our cultural religious heritage of the Zimbabwean people. Magaya, get out of our way! Mugabe is the mistake rot, not other fellow belivers’ religions!

Wilfred Kushure: Jowani Masowe Chishanu: [email protected]