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Sex, booze, lies . . .Miss Zimbabwe’s ‘reckless’ life exposed

By Mtandazo Dube

The Miss Zimbabwe soap opera climaxed last Wednesday as Emily Tatanga Kachote defiantly relinquished her title amid a flurry of fresh scandals.

Emily Kachote being crowned by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust chair Mary Chiwenga
Emily Kachote being crowned by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust chair Mary Chiwenga

Despite the lack of evidence (nude pictures) – the Miss Zimbabwe Trust was forced to fire Kachote after she gave them three different statements about the nude pictures allegations.

The Sunday Mail Leisure, which was there as Kachote received her marching orders – can reveal that the separation was not amicable. The Miss Zimbabwe Trust bluntly accused Kachote of being reckless, a drunk and a liar, who does not deserve to represent Zimbabwe on the world stage.

“We wouldn’t want to have a queen who drinks and she doesn’t know what happens after – it’s the exact opposite of probity,” said Tendai Chirau, the Miss Zimbabwe Trust spokesperson.

“She admitted that she might have had a picture taken with or by a gentleman called Prosper. After that she became inconsistent and we continued with our investigations until we reached this decision. On the recording – she says that she was under the influence of alcohol and she doesn’t know what happened thereafter.

“When we were scouting for girls we asked them if they had ever posed nude and some of them actually went away silently. As much as we want to protect the girl child, we also want to make sure that they speak the truth and are true to their word. Because we would be searching for an ambassador to represent the nation, we need someone who speaks the truth. Unfortunately some of the statements that Miss Kachote uttered were inconsistent,” said Chirau.

Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Mrs Marry Chiwenga said the Trust had tried to part ways with Kachote without much drama, even concealing damaging information volunteered by the model during hearings.

However, after some unpleasant exchanges between Mrs Chiwenga and Kachote at the Miss Zimbabwe Trust offices last Wednesday, the Trust decided to unveil, to this publication, the three recordings of the hearings they conducted with the model.

In one of the recordings, Kachote contradicted herself by first saying she did not know who Prosper, the guy at the centre of the controversy, was, before admitting that she had known him for over a year.

However, it is her narration of sordid details about getting drunk, going over to Prosper’s house, having sex and taking nude pictures, which convinced the Miss Zimbabwe Trust board that Kachote had no business being Miss World Zimbabwe.

Said Mrs Chiwenga: “I have always said to queens that whatever they want the public or the rest of Zimbabwe to know is what we will let everybody else know; whatever they do not want the people to know, I for one, will not say because it is in their best interests. She is employed by someone and I don’t think we have any reason to ruin a career that she has worked hard for. It is up to her to let the nation know what she wants them to know.

“Your (Emily) probity will be questioned when judged against the things you said when you were talking to Colonel Jenje and others – those were reckless statements. I do not think those words will do you any good.

“A queen who gets drunk, goes to a home with an unknown man, unknown to you, gets to his house, have sex with that person and the next day you say I’m okay with it, it has never killed anybody. Even the people you work with will respect you if you utter the right words.

“According to your first statement, you said you didn’t know him, but you went home with him, had sex with him and posed nude – this was your first statement. In the second statement – you said you didn’t know him, you asked him to delete the photos and you did not take pictures. Which is which?”

Emily hits back

The pencil slim model believes that the Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson and her team never wanted her to be the queen and were from day one, on a mission to dethrone her.“

“Ever since I was crowned – they never supported me. I did not get any resources; I used my own fuel and money to their functions. I would go to the Miss Zimbabwe Trust offices and they would not even attend to me,” revealed Kachote. It also emerged that the young model did not even enjoy a single moment as Miss World Zimbabwe. The nude pictures claims were made a few minutes after she was crowned and the first hearing was the very next day, April 26.

“They started asking me about the nude pictures, drinking and Prosper soon after I had been crowned. Imagine, we had not slept properly for days, I was tired, I don’t even remember half the things I said and now they are using that to pin me down.

“What happened, I’m not proud of it, but I’m not ashamed of it either. If it’s the truth that will set me free, who I have sex with, It’s not like I didn’t know Prosper.

“I just didn’t know his surname.”

The 25-year-old model vehemently denied ever posing nude and challenged the Miss Zimbabwe Trust to produce the evidence.

“I never posed nude. Having naked pictures taken by someone without my consent is not the same as posing nude – point of correction,” exploded Emily, visibly angry and eyes gleaming with tears.

“In my understanding, posing is when you are taken a picture by somebody with your consent. In this case I never posed for any nude photo and I stand by that statement. If there is a photo I still want to see it because I have not seen it.

“Apart from that I can only be in breach of contract if I have posed nude, which I didn’t,” argued Kachote.

The feisty former Miss Harare accused Mrs Chiwenga and her team of lacking probity themselves. The Miss World Zimbabwe 2015 pageant was running under the theme, “Probity”. “The Miss Zimbabwe Trust team were drinking in camp, right in front of us. They did not lead by example and now they are persecuting me for something that happened in 2013 or thereabout.

“Now they are manipulating their way out of this. I am the victim here they are not protecting the girl child.” Kachote, who posted on her Facebook page last month that she would not be “blackmailed with the so called nude pictures”, grudgingly accepted her fate, vowing to stay strong and fight for her name.

“Well, their decision is final but Emily Tatanga Kachote is a brand and as a brand I have a right to defend myself. I maintain that I did not pose for this photo – and as for drinking I last drank a long time ago. What method are they using to measure my probity? Why should I be judged based on being drunk in the past? Don’t they get drunk too? This is who I am.

“I’m a very unique woman – above all I would admit that I’m not a perfect human being and I’ll never be perfect – but I strive by all means to do what’s right, that’s the woman I am. I am not afraid to stand boldly for my brand, for Emily because this is me at the end of the day.

“If there is any probity in this world I still stand for it.” The Sunday Mail