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The rise of Tafadzwa “Celscius” Mwandira

HARARE – There can be no doubting the emergence of Zimdancehall music as a force to reckon with in Zimbabwe. Over the next few weeks Nehanda Radio will be looking at some of the artists who are helping to raise the bar for the genre.

The rise of Tafadzwa “Celscius” Mwandira
The rise of Tafadzwa “Celscius” Mwandira

This week we look at Tafadzwa “Celscius” Mwandira. He is the voice behind catchy tracks like Makatendeka, Munhu Mumwe, Kamufariro, Munamato Wangu and Ghetto Rangu among others.

Celscius was born in Bindura (11 May 1991). As a youngster he attended Chipindura Primary School before moving to Dzivarasekwa in Harare. He was to later enroll at Ellis Robins Boys High School in Mabelreign, Harare.

He credits his music style to brother Megga Spice. His first recording was done at Top Mafia Records with Badman. Celscius told Nehanda Radio:

“The journey was not easy at all because my family had mixed reactions as to the path I chose to follow. So it’s not everyone who supported my decision to venture into a music career. I had to work with the pressure until I made my break through with Mega Artz who manage me both locally and internationally.”

“Right now I am working on a great and interesting catalogue of music and am not looking backwards as I am heading for the top,” Celscius added. Last month he made a statement with some strong vocals in song against the xenophobic violence in South Africa. The song was dubbed “Leaders of Today”.

Very much the family man, his wife recently gave birth to their first-born child. They decided to name him Carlos. A confident Ceslcius strongly believes one day he will be able to show the rest of the world that Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa is well represented in the reggae genre.