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UK promoter takes Winky D for a ride

By Sharon Muguwu

HARARE – Dancehall sensation Winky D failed to travel for his anticipated UK Summer Fiesta Tour which started on Friday over failure by the promoter to secure air tickets.

Winky D
Winky D

Winky Dee’s manager in South Africa, Bartholomew Vera told the Daily News that they had been taken for a ride by the promoter only identified as Luther.

“We were expecting tickets since Monday but they were sent on Wednesday morning and the artistes (Winky and the band) were supposed to be checking in at 11am.

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“They rushed to the Harare International Airport, only to be told that the tickets which were for Kenyan Airways had been suspended. They were supposed to be five tickets, four from Zimbabwe, one from Kenya.

“We called him (Luther) and he bought others for Air France, still there were four, not five. The tickets had a problem as well, the staff told us that they had been ‘fraudulently’ acquired and that they could not let the band on board,” he said.

He added that they informed the promoter who promised to send other tickets.

“On Wednesday night, he sent a reference number, saying it carried tickets for all the five guys. I then enquired with Kenyan Airways only to be told that the only name on that ticket was Winky D’s and it had no return to Zimbabwe.

“I told him that my guys were not going to leave their houses if things were not in order. I told him that it was not fair to have people pack their bags only to be turned back at the airport.

“He then sent the tickets around 12noon, and Winky D’s plane was supposed leave in less than three hours. He was at home and he wouldn’t have made it to the airport. So we decided not to go. I am not sure if we will be able to work with them again, but what they did was unfair to the guys,” he said.

When the Daily News tried to get hold of Luther, the efforts were fruitless.

Meanwhile South African musician, Cassper Nyovest has honoured his pledge of giving away money from his recent gigs to victims of the recent xenophobic attacks in that country.

The attacks happened a few weeks before he was scheduled to perform in Zimbabwe, with people threatening to boycott his shows. Cassper donated R100 000 to the victims of xenophobia.

“I did my part in helping the world today. I donated R100 000 through my company Family Tree Media to rebuilding post xenophobia. We starting up sustainable businesses for victims that will not only help them rebuild but also create opportunities for them to help others.

“I hope this will inspire more African musicians to get more involved as this is an African problem. God has blessed me with much and I now can bless others,” he said.

He had pledged to donate, which some people viewed as a publicity seeking stunt, but he has silenced his critics by actually donating.

During the time of the xenophobic attacks, he was “warned” not to come to Zimbabwe but he remained adamant on coming.After the Bulawayo show held last Saturday, Nyovest applauded his Zimbabwean fans over the successful show. Daily News