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Zvoma’s ‘neglected’ farm risks wildlife acquisition

By Mugove Tafirenyika

HARARE – Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) has threatened to take over animals at former clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma’s 274-hectare, Lot 2 Kilworth Farm.

Former Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma
Former Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma

This comes after animals strayed into neighbouring farms extensively destroying crops this week with ZPWMA expressing fear that the animals were also under threat from poachers.

Caroline Washaya Moyo, the ZPWMA spokesperson told the Daily News yesterday that the authority had since discovered that the property is now derelict.

She said the electric fence which used to protect the animals had been pulled down in some areas resulting in the poaching of wildlife species.

This is despite the fact that Zvoma has occupied the farm since 2006.

“At the moment, the only remaining wildlife on the property is between 13 to 16 zebras.  To protect both the zebras and surrounding communities the owner must immediately create a paddock where the zebras will be secure to reduce conflict with surrounding communities,” Washaya Moyo said.

Many Zanu PF politicians who grabbed the most productive land from white commercial farmers have been in the limelight for disposing valuable equipment left by the previous owners.

Washaya Moyo added that in the event that Zvoma failed to paddock his zebras “then the owner of the farm should surrender them to Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

“The owner of the farm has since conceded that the zebras were exposed to poachers and has indicated that he is looking for funds to rehabilitate the fence,” she said.

When contacted for comment, Zvoma said  his neighbours should have engaged him first before rushing to the media.

“Do they think rushing to newspapers is the solution? Wild animals can stray because they are not cattle. Does that make news anyway?” he asked.

Zvoma, however, is not the only one among Zanu PF apologists who have run down properties they grabbed during the fast track land reform exercise in 2000.

In Chegutu, Lionsvalle citrus farm, occupied by former deputy minister of Information Bright Matonga is in a sorry state with orange trees dying from lack of attention.

It is the same story at Stockdale Estates grabbed by Senate President Edna Madzongwe’s son who is alleged to have abandoned the farm after selling equipment. Daily News