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MultiChoice to cut SA subscriptions

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

MULTICHOICE is planning to cut off Digital Satellite Television (DStv) viewers who pay their subscriptions in South Africa while residing in Zimbabwe.

Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager for MultiChoice Zimbabwe
Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager for MultiChoice Zimbabwe

The organisation said the move is still in progress but an audit has been conducted to determine the accounts that needed to be corrected.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment MultiChoice Zimbabwe publicity manager Liz Dziva said they are committed to abide by the international law and copyright conventions to ensure that correct and legal distribution of channels is adhered to.

“Our operations are above-board and we never seek to cut corners when it comes to doing our job,” she said.

She said they were determined to ensure that their customers get value for their money and therefore the need to compile a data-base about all their subscribers in the various countries they operate in.

“In line with international law and copyright conventions MultiChoice is obliged to ensure the correct and legal distribution of channels. To comply, an audit has been done on our accounts and subscribers with accounts outside of their country of residence and reception need to be corrected.

“As a result these subscribers have been advised to visit their local Multichoice offices to ensure they are activated within the correct schema,” she said.

Dziva confirmed that they have hiked their subscription prices.

Some viewers noted that MultiChoice might lose out a wide base of viewers in Zimbabwe and South Africa where programmes like Isidingo, Generations and Muvhango attract most viewers.

Dziva said they were still committed to offering world class programming to their viewers.

“DStv offers world-class entertainment in line with the best digital pay television platforms in the world. We also offer an unparalleled family entertainment package. DStv’s packages allow subscribers flexibility in price and choice without compromising quality or variety.

MultiChoice Africa is a pay television provider dedicated to serving African people with the best sport, movies and entertainment.

“The DStv audience is a challenging one to cater for; our viewers have high expectations and are of many cultures, languages and age groups.

“Keeping our programming fresh, therefore, not only means that we must search the globe for new content, but also that we must continually monitor all channels to ensure that quality is maintained,” she said.

She said MultiChoice Africa had already issued warnings with regard to the illegal use and reception of DStv channels.

“Viewing DStv channels without a valid subscription or a subscription in the incorrect country is a breach of copyright laws and international conventions on the protection of intellectual property rights. Each programme aired on any television channel attracts royalties for each country in which it is sold, payable to television producers, actors, scriptwriters and songwriters.

The rights to show these programmes have to be cleared with individual suppliers of programmes by the channel providers,” she said.

She said MultiChoice Africa purchases the rights to these channels for particular countries or territories. The Herald