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Spare a thought for Itai Dzamara

By Jacob Mafume

OPINION – On the onset will confess we have not agreed on a number of issues Itai and I. A guy prone to being direct with his opinions. A man quick to judgement and set on his ways – or so I think.

Jacob Mafume
Jacob Mafume

A phone call and we set down to drink [soft drinks] at the Holiday Inn our first real meeting. We agreed to disagree on that day and true to nature he took the disagreement to the public where he emperiously, with a hint of contempt even, announced what he thought of me as a person and my ideals.

We kept talking for I felt it was a case of the heart in the right place and a mind still finding its place. A gradual shift began to happen. He began to motivate for what he thought we should do –ACTION –ACTION.

There we agreed and ITAI as his name probably suggest set in his direct way to build a group –a movement perhaps if not now eventually. A shift in tone grew, a willingness to engage with all parties without judgement. Of course old habits die hard but there he was trying what he thought was best for the country and the cause.

We kept in touch tiptoeing around each other this time none wishing to offend. I met his relatives after the Mutoko bus accident and he was determined to do something and I offered to help. The thing is, he never sought to physically harm anyone. The emphasis was a peaceful protest and a desire for a better life.

NOW someone in the wisdom or most certainly lack thereof has decided to abduct him. NOW our suspicions are firmly fixed on the dreaded CIO and many of its manifestations. HOW can we not when nine times out of ten our intelligence or most undoubtedly lack thereof has proved to be a danger to its citizens than its protector.

Operations after operations funded with our tax payers money have gone to embarrassing bishops, opposition leaders, business people, ruling party members none has been safe and where that fails, BRUTALITY has been a default setting. They are EVIL plain DIABOLICAL a WICKEDNESS without boundary.

I have an uncle who disappeared in 2008 (HAPAZARI) up to this day we have not seen him. In saying this I fear for the worst but hope springs ERTENAL. I hope to see him if only to disagree some-more. In a country such as ours, why do they deem it necessary to sacrifice young lives for their continued tragic rule.

They have proceeded to misrule on the bones, blood of young men and women they left in the forests of Mozambique and Zambia. They continued to prosper on the back of Genocidal rage in Matabeleland. They grew fatter on the murderous elections of 2008.

Now 2015 even when they can no longer climb stairs; when they have to bring offices to the ground floor because they cannot reach them; when they faint singing praises to themselves; Hair long lost a generations ago;THEY STILL REQUIRE HUMAN SACRIFICE where have they taken ITAI DZAMARA and what for.

We demand him back from these people. We cannot and we must not continue like this. As we close our eyes to day to sleep lets all pray in our own way for his safety. However as the sun rises tomorrow as it surely shall ;do LET the spirit of ACTION arise in our hearts.Let that spirit refuse to set with the sun.

We need to show them what a PEACEFUL revolution looks like and exorcise the demons that have required our BLOOD at every turn. The courage to Act differently is needed now.

Jacob Mafume is the spokesman of the MDC Renewal Team