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Bogus vet officer vaccinates dogs with tea

By Jairos Saunyama

A 37-YEAR-OLD Marondera man who masqueraded as a veterinary officer and went about vaccinating farmers’ dogs with black tea before charging them $3 for the “service” has been sentenced to an 18-month jail term for fraud.

File picture of dog vaccinations
File picture of dog vaccinations

Luckmore Mukombore will, however, spend a year in prison after trial magistrate Josephine Sande set aside the other six months on condition of good behaviour.

According to court papers, on February 21 this year, Mukombore visited farms in the Eagle Tanning area where he introduced himself as a veterinary officer from Marondera and that he was on a compulsory dog vaccination programme.

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Using black cold tea, Mukombore started vaccinating dogs charging $3 for each dog.

However, his luck ran out when two farmers exposed him and caused his arrest. Emmanuel Dera represented the State. NewsDay