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The end of Mr. Mugabe a potential tragedy

By Misheck Gondo

A former colony of Rhodesia that was brought about through a commitment to the Liberation struggle; a dream come true that was posited to bring about a new political trajectory coupled to democracy, the rule of law, ownership of resources among other positive attributes that a new country can position itself.

Misheck Gondo
Misheck Gondo

With more than thirty three (33) years of independence from the minority white rule, the country is still ‘blessed’ with one leader, a predator elite in power against the values agreed upon prior independence.

I agree with one Abenezer Oyetekin a Prolific Writer, whom I had the privilege to meet in Sudan courtesy of our invitation by the President of Sudan Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Basher, sometimes last year; misplaced economic priorities can have a negative detrimental effect to a sustainable economic growth.

Since independence, Zimbabwe had a misplacement of economic priorities, existence of corrupt power cult, or predator elites in power who did not believe in change or modernization. There is lack of articulate and well defined con-circle of national interest which reduces sense of Patriotism.

The Government of the country has from inception remained in the hands of a corrupt clique of a power cult. A reactionary group who sees government offices and power as an opportunity for self profiteering and aggrandizement, and to preserve their satanic hold on power, as to perpetuate their pseudo status quo, they loot, embezzle and corruptly
over enrich themselves to the detriment of the nation.

Zimbabwe has suffered two strong histories in its life time, as a young girl; she suffered unwanted invasions by greedy minority whites from Britain until 1980, preceded by a tortured carry over by its own children after independence.

Her search for a solid destiny is a painful story that needs not to be retold, a sad life story.

The politics of Zimbabwe is not defined in such a way that encourages or can sustain the spirit of patriotism in the citizens. Even though our Policies and National Constitution tries to foster such spirit, the attitude of the people runs contrary to such stipulation because
our government is the major law breakers than the governed, imagine such a status quo.

As long as our predator elite in power and those who aspire to government offices and positions continue to see such state call to duty as primarily a means of self-upliftment, our economy will continue to endure inexplicable depression, dislocation, doldrumic
fall and stagnation.

Congratulations to the president on his coming birthday, the sole leader in Zimbabwe since independence, presiding over a chaotic nation, both politically, socially, morally and economically.

Mr. Mugabe who is now left with 29 years according to God’s Plan of human beings not to live beyond 120 years. He has the urgent call to correct the succession issue, or else it might degenerate into civil unrest or military rule after his demise.

Our salvation economically can never be realized definitely under the existing framework that encourage corruption, mediocrity, regressive pattern of resources mobilization, unfavorable policy frameworks, militarized institutions, and expenditure that conflicts with
development priorities.

Unless there is vast transformation by the ruling elite, economic repentance by the ruling regime with honesty of purpose and purposeful leadership, Zimbabwe’s economy will remain in quandary.

Zimbabwe must rise to the challenges of socio-political and economic revolution if our destiny as a nation we must arrive at it.

Let’s wait and see

Misheck Gondo is an International Relations Expert