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I won’t be pushed says Lewanika

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) director, McDonald Lewanika, has reportedly offered to leave the organisation following relentless pressure from some members who are accusing him of corruption and mismanagement.

McDonald Lewanika
McDonald Lewanika

Lewanika has dismissed the claim, saying if he were to leave it would not be because of the battles that have rocked the coalition for months now.

Sources in the CiZC said the director had conceded that the controversy surrounding his leadership was tarnishing him and compromising his political career.

“He has admitted that he is being soiled by the ongoing saga and wants to leave. He could leave by February if there are proper negotiations regarding his exit package. Maki (Lewanika) has asked the board to consider his terminal benefits so that he can leave,” said one of the sources on condition of anonymity.

Lewanika and his secretariat have come under intense attack for alleged abuse of donor funds, poor governance, nepotism and favouritism.

The members recently claimed that Lewanika was using thinning funds to book his allies into expensive hotels to strategise on how to ensure that he remains as director.

The embattled coalition boss told The Zimbabwean that his departure from CiZC would not be forced by the current wars.

“My name is already soiled and, in that regard, those who are fighting to discredit me have succeeded. However, they are wrong to think I will be pushed out by their shenanigans.

“There is no way in which I would remain at Crisis for ever but when I finally move, it is because I would have decided to go out and pursue other interests. As it stands, I am not short of options. Sooner or later, the world will realise who is lying and who is right,” said Lewanika.

He insisted that he was still the legitimate director of CiZC because “my employer has not found anything wrong with me”. He denied that he was soliciting for a lucrative exit package.

“Like any other bona fide employee, I have a contract. Whatever my contract says is what I will get, so what is the need for me to solicit for an exit package?” he said. The Zimbabwean