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DJ Skywalker arrested over maintenance

By Tendai Kamhungira

HARARE – There was drama yesterday at the Harare Civil Court, when Star FM’s DJ Skywalker was arrested for defaulting on a $100 monthly maintenance for a child he had with Getrude Maseko.

Ndumiso Dube a.k.a DJ Skywalker on Star FM
Ndumiso Dube a.k.a DJ Skywalker on Star FM

DJ Skywalker, whose real name is Ndumiso Dube, was arrested soon after being ordered by magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza to pay $80 for the upkeep of another child mothered by Tendai Manyame.

Soon after leaving the courtroom, DJ Skywalker was arrested for defaulting the February 2014 order granted in favour of Maseko.

“Respondent (Dube) is ordered to pay maintenance in the sum of $100 per month for one child with effect from March, 30, 2014,” the February order reads.

According to Maseko’s affidavit, the DJ failed to pay $100, which was part of the maintenance order.

“At present, the responsible person, namely Ndumiso Dube of 102 Simon Mazorodze Road, has not complied with the maintenance court order and he is now in total arrears valued at $100,” reads Maseko’s affidavit, forming the basis of the arrest warrant.

After the arrest yesterday, Dube was immediately taken into the police post at the Harare Civil Court, before being taken to Harare Central Police Station, where he was detained. He is expected to appear in court today on charges of defaulting on maintenance.

Maseko and Manyame could not hide their emotions as they publicly chided the DJ for failing to look after his children. The 29-year-old DJ, who was dressed in a black suit and a tie, was humiliated, as some of his relatives tried hard to calm down the women.

Another woman who claimed to be Dube’s mother-in-law, also demanded that the popular DJ pay her $100 she was owed.

“Haabudi kana asina kundipa mari yangu nhasi (He will not leave without giving me my money),” she shouted.

The DJ’s bedroom escapades have triggered serious public scrutiny and criticism of his private life. He recently hogged the limelight following claims that he fathered six children with six different women.

There are also claims that a United Kingdom-based nurse, Mandida Mpofu, is expecting his child.

In previous interviews with the Daily News, Maseko and Manyame, bared their souls, describing Skywalker as a “serial bed-hopper” who has another wife in Chipinge called Shylow Chabata. Daily News