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Mutare teenager sets thugs on family

By Tendai Gukutikwa

A SAKUBVA teenager is up in arms with her extended family over her late grandmother’s unregistered estate.

Bus terminus in Sakubva - Mutare
Bus terminus in Sakubva – Mutare

Pauline Matasva (19) appeared before Mutare magistrate Mrs Sharon Chipanga seeking protection from her late mother’s siblings who are allegedly disturbing her peace by threatening to evict her from her late maternal grandmother’s house in Chineta, Sakubva.

Matasva accused her uncles, Pfungwa and Ndega Muradzikwa, of insulting and assaulting her over her late grandmother’s house.

“I stayed with my maternal grandmother and a week after she passed away in November 2014 they threatened to evict me.

“They went to the extent of throwing my belongings out of the house saying that I had to go to my father’s place.

“I do not have anywhere else to go and since my granny is the one who looked after me since the death of my mother,” she said.

Matasva also confessed to having grabbed her grandmother’s death certificate and the house’s title deeds from her uncles and aunts.

The uncles, however, had a different story to tell.

The court heard that Matasva hired thugs to come and assault the family at her grandmother’s memorial service.

“What this child wants is a freedom order not a peace order. She brings her boyfriends to the house and they harass us. At our mother’s memorial service, she beat her own aunt up and she sustained serious injuries. Up to date she is still nursing her right eye which was injured in the fracas.

“Our mother inherited the house from our grandmother and now the girl is forcibly inheriting it too, which is not going to happen. It is either we rent the house out or give it back to our late grandmother’s family since our mother is now late,” Muradzikwa told the court.

Matasva did not deny having set thugs on her family when asked by the magistrate.

Matasva was granted the protection order from her late mother’s siblings, but Mrs Chipanga also advised them to register the estate of the deceased since they were all eligible beneficiaries. Manica Post