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Eight-year-old releases single

When Willow Smith , daughter to musician cum actor Will Smith made headlines with her hit song, ‘‘Whip my hair’’ in 2012, at the age of nine years, many thought she was the greatest youngest superstar to come up.

Ruvarashe Chantelle Mudzingwa
Ruvarashe Chantelle Mudzingwa

Well, yes!!! If she is to be recorded in the Guinness world book of records, she will be the youngest, but with talent all over the world it would be naive to ignore stars in other countries.

Zimbabwe has it’s own version. Eight-year-old Ruvarashe Chantelle Mudzingwa based in the United Kingdom has released a single track called “Mwari Garai Nesu”.

When others are busy playing house with Barbie dolls , the cute star is busy making music in the studio.

Ruvarashe is studying at Platt Bridge Primary School in Wigan, doing year four which is equivalent to our grade three.

The song is a gospel track in which the young girl seeks God’s guidance in her endeavours.

In an interview she said was inspired by her mother Rhoda Tongogara who is also a gospel musician.

“I usually follow my mother to the studio where she is always making music. I want to be like her because music is my passion,” she said.

The braided girl said her dream was to become a professional musician.

“I am working hard at school so that when I finish I become a professional musician. This is my first song and since I am still at school I will be releasing singles until I finish,” she said. The Herald