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Bogus nurse ‘kills’ patient in Mutare

By Tinashe Hazvide and Tendai Gukutikwa

A treatment process went terribly wrong when a bogus nurse administered an unknown drug to a Sakubva woman who later died. 

Funeral for the woman killed by the bogus nurse
Funeral for the woman killed by the bogus nurse

So severe was the drug that it resulted in the woman feeling numb before dying at the Mutare Provincial Hospital where she had been admitted.

Popularly known as Mai Azuka because of her theatrics which resemble the renowned Nigerian actress, the bogus nurse, Annamore Chimbetete, is alleged to have injected her neighbour, Enia Chamburumbudza Mhlanga (36), with an unknown drug resulting in her death.

Although medical personnel at Mutare Provincial Hospital confirmed that Enia succumbed to the effects of a drug that had been administered to her, police said no report was made to them.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Inspector Enock Chishiri said they were yet to receive a report.

However, investigations by The Manica Post revealed that all accusing fingers were pointing at Chimbetete, who was quick to dismiss the allegations when approached for a comment.

When The Weekender went to  Sakubva on Tuesday, it emerged that Chimbetete was picked up for questioning by Criminal Investigation Department officers on Monday after a report was made to the police.

Although she was released on Monday, she was picked up again on Tuesday and her whereabouts were unknown by the time of going to print.

Her tools of the trade, which are being believed to be supplied by her sister, a nurse, were also confiscated.

An emotionally charged Enia’s mother, Ms Elizabeth Andayeni, blamed Chimbetete for causing her daughter’s death.

“She (Chimbetete) knows what caused my daughter’s death. I was called on December 23 and informed that my daughter was unwell.

“When I arrived she was numb and we had to bathe her. Rumours that did rounds were to the effect that she had been injected by her neighbour, Chimbetete.

“I asked Enia what had happened and she said her back was aching. She said she could not sit and wanted to sleep.
“The following day I met Chimbetete at the public bathroom and she said she had heard that Enia was not feeling well.

“She went to check on her and saw her sitting at the door eating ‘ice godo’. She called her name, but she did not respond. She then called her into her house. She was staggering and she failed to sit on the chair. She did not stay for long.

Enia collapsed that night and was rushed to Mutare Provincial Hospital where she was admitted.

She was put on drip at 5am and the drip did not respond for two hours.

“The doctor ran some tests and discovered that she had been injected with a drug. He said that she was stressed and it seemed as if she was not aware of what had happened to her. She was not responding to treatment,” said Ms Andayeni.

She said Chimbetete acted suspiciously when she heard about Enia’s death.

“When my daughter died, Chimbetete approached me and said she wanted a private meeting with me. What would be the reason for her to come and see me privately? If she has nothing to hide, why not behave like any other mourner?” she said.

Enia’s uncle, Mr Solomon Mhlanga, had no kind words for Chimbetete.

“She is a devil. She killed my niece. When I was told that Enia was not feeling well, I quickly rushed to this place. When I arrived she was complaining of backache.

“She later collapsed. Someone came and told us that she had been injected with an unknown drug by Chimbetete. She is well known in the whole neighbourhood for being a bogus nurse. What is surprising is that people keep flocking to her house for ‘treatment’. No one has filed a police report against her. Now that someone has lost her life we expect the law to take its course,” said Mr Mhlanga.

When The Weekender visited Chimbetete’s house, she opened her door smiling and after the news crew introduced itself, she denied the allegations before slamming her door.

Meanwhile, two women from the same neighbourhood have since approached the courts seeking protection orders against Chimbetete after she attacked them while they were attending to Enia.

It is alleged that she elbowed one of the women who was pregnant and is still to recover from the attack.

She is reportedly bleeding and was expected to undergo a scan on Tuesday afternoon.

Cases of backyard surgeries are on the increase in Mutare. Some of the names allegedly operating illegal surgeries include Baba Wesy from Sakubva and Viar Musa from Hob-house who was recently arrested after prescribing wrong medication to his patient, who later collapsed. Manica Post