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Mugabe 91st birthday set for Victoria Falls

President Robert Mugabe plans to celebrate his 91st birthday with a party in the resort town of Victoria Falls, the ruling party’s youth league announced on Thursday.

Bona Mugabe with her parents Robert and Grace Mugabe
Bona Mugabe with her parents Robert and Grace Mugabe

The Zanu-PF youth league members have already started fundraising for the party, which traditionally sees thousands of supporters attending, according to a statement.

Donors are expected to hand over “generous” donations this year.

Mugabe opponents regularly criticise the holding of lavish birthday parties for the president when Zimbabwe’s economy, though more stable than during the 2000-2008 crisis, is still far from sound.

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“The youth league will approach donors so that they generously donate to the [21st February] Movement for the cause this year,” according to the statement quoted in Thursday’s Chronicle newspaper.

Mugabe’s birthday is on 21 February. The 21st February Movement was set up in 1986 to raise money to celebrate the president’s birthday each year.

The exact amount supporters hope to raise this year has not been stated.

Mugabe told Zanu-PF members at a party congress last month that he had no intention of retiring.

“I am here for as long as I am still sane… I still have a bright mind; I still have will. I know our history more than you do,” he said. Sapa