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Paris Shootings: What we know so far

On Wednesday, 12 people were shot dead at the headquarters of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. On Thursday, a French police officer was shot and killed in the city.

Paris Shootings: What we know so far
Paris Shootings: What we know so far

:: Ten editorial staff died in a second-floor conference room after being shot. Two victims were police officers.

:: Several people were injured in the attack, four of them are in critical conditions

:: At least two masked gunmen stormed the offices of the publication. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that three attackers were involved in the assault

:: The two suspects have today reportedly fired shots while robbing a petrol station in northern France

:: AFP reports that two men fitting the description of brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi stole petrol and food from the station near Villers-Cotteret in the northern Aisne region, east of Paris, this morning

:: Le Parisien said men, aged 34 and 32, wearing balaclavas were travelling on the N2 road in the direction of Paris in a Renault Clio which had weapons on its back seat and its number plates covered

:: A third suspect handed himself in to police after he was named on social media as Hamyd Mourad, 18

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:: The attackers were armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and a rocket-propelled grenade during Wednesday’s attack

:: There was a gunfight with police outside the building

:: A getaway car was abandoned on the Rue de Meaux in the 19th arrondissement

:: A white Renault Clio was then carjacked – it headed towards the Porte de Pantin – a route out of Paris in the north east of the city

:: Three thousand extra police officers were deployed in Paris after the attack

:: One of the two policemen killed in the attack was assigned to a staff member as part of his personal security detail, after many death threats

:: A witness told France Info media outlet that the assailants said “We will avenge the Prophet”

:: France’s security alert is currently at the highest level

:: There have been reports that the gunmen were asking for people by name when they entered the building

:: Meanwhile armed police are on the scene where a police officer was shot dead in Paris on Thursday

:: Police were called to the scene of a traffic accident involving a grey Clio at around 7.15am when a female officer was fired at

:: It is not being linked to Wednesday’s shooting

:: Officers at the scene appear to be on the verge of carrying out an operation – Sky News