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Son of former Radio 2 DJ stabbed to death

By Patrick Chitumba

BULAWAYO – A man from Mahatshula suburb in Bulawayo died at Mpilo Central Hospital early yesterday morning from injuries sustained in an attack by armed robbers outside the house of a relative he was visiting in North End.

A relative to the late Mbuso Manga Ndlovu covers with soil a blood stained area where he was stabbed in North End on Monday
A relative to the late Mbuso Manga Ndlovu covers with soil a blood stained area where he was stabbed in North End on Monday

According to neighbours and relatives Mbuso Manga Ndlovu, 21, son to the late former Radio 2 DJ Jabulani Ndlovu, was stabbed in the groin at around 8:15PM at the gate of a relative’s house on Monday.

The house is opposite an undeveloped piece of land earmarked for the King Mzilikazi heritage centre where Inxwala festivals are sometimes held.

After stabbing Mbuso the armed robbers ran away leaving the murder weapon, a knife at the scene.

Mbuso’s murder, according to some North End residents is the fourth in as many months around that area.

Symantha Johns, a neighbour to Mbuso’s relative, said they heard someone screaming for help near their gate on Monday night.

“The dogs started barking and we went out to investigate only to see Mbuso, who was known to us, lying in a pool of blood by our neighbour’s gate. He had been stabbed once in the groin and blood was all over the ground and his clothes were soaked in blood,” she said.

Johns said when they went to investigate, the assailants had vanished into the night.

She said they contacted Mbuso’s relatives before taking him to Mpilo Central Hospital.

“Mbuso was then attended to by nurses who put him on a drip and oxygen and in five minutes he had regained consciousness,” she said.

Johns said a doctor came and examined him, took blood samples and recommended that he goes for an emergency operation.

She said the doctor indicated that he would be operated on after about two hours.

“In the meantime, since Mbuso was conscious he could talk. He told us that the armed robbers had suddenly appeared and attacked him as he was about to open his relative’s gate,” Johns said.

She said according to Mbuso the robbers stole a laptop bag containing his clothes.

Johns said Mbuso even had his cellphone in his pocket.

She said when they left the hospital he was being taken to the theatre for an operation.

“Around 3AM we heard that he had passed on,” said Johns.

Mbuso’s cousin, Chronicle sub editor Mbongeni Manga said he got home at around 1AM from work and was told that his relative had been taken to Mpilo Central Hospital where he was admitted.

He said he later learnt that the hospital had failed to provide him with his blood type since he could not match the samples that were available.

“So the next thing, he was dead,” said Manga fighting back tears.

He said Mbuso was visiting them when he was stabbed.

“This park or this opening which is King Lobengula’s heritage site is turning into a death trap. Council should do something about it,” Manga said.

When a Chronicle news crew visited the murder scene, Mbuso’s relatives with the assistance of neighbours were cleaning up blood that was on the gate and on the road.

A vehicle used to carry Mbuso to Mpilo hospital still had blood stains on the back seat.

Mbuso’s pair of glasses were also still on the ground.

Homicide detectives also came to the scene before leaving with what is believed to be the knife that was used to stab Mbuso.

Some North End residents said robbers climb up trees and wait for a chance to attack residents walking on foot.

“A security guard manning a booster of a mobile operator was killed and since then, his company has not replaced him. There were two other murders in this area and numerous cases of mugging,” said a resident who identified himself as Mark.

He called on the police to increase night patrols in the area. Chronicle