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Mugabe to keep “his Zimbabwe” into the grave

By Farai Mbira

The recent events in Zanu PF have exposed a President who has lost control of both government and the ruling party. This is in addition to his wild social and economic policies that have collapsed our economy and social services.

Mugabe rumored to have collapsed
Commander in Sleep: President Mugabe

The recent decision by the Zanu PF politburo to allow Mugabe to unilaterally appoint Vice Presidents, Politburo members and National Chairmen, in addition to ministers, judges, ambassadors and security commanders, is clear testimony that things are falling apart for the former strongman.

President Mugabe must resign or be recalled because he has lost control of government, economy and to make is worse, he has decided to take the Zimbabwe dream with him to his grave! We are doomed unless we take decisive action.

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Zimbabwe is not an orphanage that Mugabe wants adopted into his wife’s care. It’s pathetically insulting that war veterans could be commandeered like orphans to Mazoe orphanage where Amai would feed them with diluted Mazoe while teaching them how to be patriotic enough!

It must be pointed out that the same people Mugabe is now burying alive are among our decorated heroes who gave their lives for the country. Further still, since 1975 Mugabe has made sure that he is never contested at leadership and that anyone “harbouring presidential ambitions” was considered an enemy of the people.

This was the same fate that befell people like Dzinashe Machingura, Josiah Tongogara, Tekere and Solomon Mujuru. Now we have the same happening to Teurai Ropa Nhongo, Rugare Gumbo, Nicolas Goche, Mutasa (to name just a few) and the nine provincial chairmen who have been booted out despite a politburo decision suspending such action.

These fared better; those outside Zanu PF have been tortured and butchered like wild animals for daring to think differently.

It is unfortunate that as a nation we watch, just as we did in 1975 when Mugabe reconstituted the central committee staffing it with personal appointees, and the many marches that were led by Joseph Chinotimba and Jabulani Sibanda intimidating anyone who dared challenge Mugabe for the leadership of Zanu PF and the country.

It can appear patriotic when grown up men and women support the creation of a dictator who, despite all the support, will destroy the same people whenever it suits him. It felt patriotic when Jabulani Sibanda led the marches but now he must have learnt what all along we have been saying; that a dictator has no permanent friends or enemies.

People and the army commanders supporting this madness must also reflect and note that they will never be Mugabe’s friends. I do not suggest persecuting these people but would rather they see the light and learn from this misplaced imagination that one could be the dictator’s best friend.

It is now clear, much clearer, that Mugabe’s succession is a family affair. The man is waiting for his son to grow up. Those in the administration and security sector who are grooming the young man for the presidency are making the gravest mistake of their lives. Zanu PF supporters must realise that their leaders will not be there forever.

They have enjoyed their time and have enough reserves for their families. Why should your provincial leaders be persecuted for choosing leaders of their choice. Why would anyone remain in Zanu PF if they are not allowed to think or choose their own leaders? If Mugabe cannot be challenged so what’s the need for a party.

The same trend is happening in MDC-T where Obert Gutu wants us to believe Mugabe’s substitute, Tsvangirai, is entitled to the unchallenged control of their party, and the presidency of Zimbabwe, on no other merit than that he is a younger dictator.

These people are making the very mistake Zanu PF has been making since 1976, only that they have achieved the same in a quarter of the time.

Mugabe has never taken blame or responsibility for the downfall of this country – so are Tsvangirai and his GNU negotiators. Despite their failures they are desperately hanging around in the disguise of uniting democrats.

If Joice Mujuru and company have any conscience they must quit and handover to the new generation.

They have been in government for 34 years what more do they want! MDC-T should stop grooming a spare dictator – they should do the same and be happy with what they have done, even though mediocre.  We will reject any emerging dictator and those that are grooming him or her.

Zimbabweans and members of the international community must not fear a post Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Joice Mujuru or Morgan Tsvangirai era. These men and woman don’t represent any better future than we have already witnessed. The West can do better business with progressive minds running the affairs of Zimbabwe.

China and Russia need not fear the younger generation. It’s better to do business with a progressing country than a dying one. We will welcome and protect any progressive business deals from wherever they may have come from. We will offer a better guarantee for any genuine investment committed by anyone as we are progressive and are ready to be progressive members of the international community.

To Mugabe please do the right thing. We have not coveted your crown without merit and are ready to give you a restful retirement. For how long shall you continue to lash at thorns? We are not vindictive for we have learnt from you that vindictiveness, name calling and personal abuse never brought any bread on the table.

All it did was to tear us apart and relegate other people and regions as less Zimbabwean. Had you been a unifier all the tears shed in the Matebeleland Gukurahundi, all those tears shed during 2000, 2002, Murambatsvina and 2008 Mavhoterapapi would never had been shed. If we pursue the same course we will reap the same bitter results.

To those members in the various government arms including the military please note that it is better to manage a prospering people than a hungry nation. All we want is to stop the madness and move forward.

Is it a crime to want freedom and progress? No. Let’s come and reason together; if there is anything amiss we will discuss and we will correct the wrongs we have all committed.

My fellow countrymen, we are being cheated in broad daylight. We must never tolerate this, never. Even in a family when one member embarks on a course that will destroy the family it is necessary to censure that member. Our country is at the cross roads. Keeping quiet or accepting intimidation is like drinking poison.

For the sake of our country may all men and women of valor stand up and save the country. This is not about hating or disliking anyone but it is unacceptable that we are lead into a dunghill. The two central coalitions (Mnangagwa and Mugabe or Tsvangirai and Mujuru) are leading us to the same pit.

Farai Mbira, Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE), www.zunde.org 

“We have seen the future, and it’s possible”