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GRACE MUGABE: right message from wrong person

By Elias Mambo

Yes Grace Mugabe must be applauded for doing the right thing….exposing how Zanu PF bigwigs have been stampeding over each other to grab a chunk each of Zimbabwe’s wealth as if there is no tomorrow.

Grace Mugabe to study for doctorate
Grace Mugabe

Unfortunately being President Robert Mugabe’s wife, she lacks moral high ground to accuse the other comrades of looting because she also happens to have a skeleton in her cupboard.

For long Zimbabwe was waiting for someone, a Moses of our time to go on the rampage, bringing to light the underworld dealings of the Zanu PF shenanigans, someone whose hands are clean of the cancer scourge called corruption.

However, it is just unfortunate, as the Biblical prophet Ezekiel would put it, “I sought for man who build a wall between me and my people but I found none….”

No-one in Zanu PF would throw a stone to the other and accuse them of corruption, extortion, inefficiency, incapacity and all that Grace accuses vice President Joice Mujuru of having committed.

Those attributes have been part and parcel of Zanu PF. The attributes are like blood in the former ruling party’s body, the attributes flow in its DNA and no-one is innocent, not even one.

Grace has to wipe a whole generation of those who call themselves liberators if she wants a corruption free Zimbabwe.

In fact she, herself, has no place in that perfect society because she is also guilty of the same.

Whilst she is enjoying her persistent attacks on her cronies, she is, at the same time paralyzing the state enterprises.

Who pays for the Zupco buses that are gracing her Mazowe orphanage week in and week out?

Who financed those whirlwind ‘thank you rallies’ that left a trail of destruction in the country’s 10 provinces?

Yes Zimbabwe needed someone to tell us all….why we are in this state of despair, why the country, once a basket of Africa has become a basket case…..why we have reduced this jewel of Africa to beggardom when at independence Mugabe was even told that he had inherited a jewel……

Grace has the answers: corruption!!!!! Unfortunately it comes back to haunt her because her husband has presided over the economic decline never experienced by any other country in history…..

Hers is a war….not on corruption but on the preservation of the status quo because once someone takes over her family will be exposed as well……

Grace has to be reminded that if two ride a horse one has to ride behind and revenge is a dish best served cold….. EliasMambo.Blogspot.co.uk