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Kiglon FC boss outed for sending nude pictures

Prominent businessman and Kiglon FC chairman Thompson Dondo (40) sent nude pictures of himself to a woman he had never met despite being married.

Kiglon FC chairman Thompson Dondo
Kiglon FC chairman Thompson Dondo who is married sent these pictures to a woman he had never met and was hitting on via Facebook and Whatsapp

The woman (name withheld) told Nehanda Radio that Dondo was using social networking site Facebook when he saw her profile picture after she commented on a video on the popular Zvirikufaya na Keda Facebook page.

“He saw my comment on the page and then sent me a friend request which I innocently accepted. After a few innocent chats he asked for my whatsapp number and I did not make too much of it,” she told us.

Within minutes of getting her number Dondo started to hit on the woman.

“Baba imi are you not married? Am old enough to be your daughter, madarirei?” the woman asked Dondo on a series of chats seen by Nehanda Radio.

“Ahh iwe……….(woman’s name)…. Dondo responded.

“Answer my question, are you not married?” she persisted.

“I am” Dondo admits.

“It doesn’t change the fact yekuti yu attractive. I would do anything for you….anything…everything….”

At which point the woman tells him:

“Ahhhhhh ndinyarei thankx but nah. Respect your marriage plizzz. I don’t need anything I can take care of myself. From what I see on your pics you have a beautiful family, don’t be carried away with little thingz pliz.”

Dondo then says “Little things…” at which point he whips out the big guns and sends her a picture of his manhood. He also sends her another picture of himself lifting what look like 50kg bags of grain.

Asked why she was exposing Dondo, the woman told Nehanda Radio “I am sick and tired of rich married men who think they can use their money to take advantage of young girls and women.”

Efforts to get comment from Dondo were not successful at the time of publishing.

Dondo runs a small group of companies that includes Kiglon Football Club. He once worked as a laundry man at a nursing home in the UK before going back home to start his business. He admits he got arrested several times for violating UK immigration rules before the homecoming trip in 2006.

In June 2011 Dondo wrote an open letter sucking up to president Robert Mugabe. The letter published by most media houses saw Dondo appeal for support for premiership clubs while also rambling in support of the Zanu PF argument that sanctions were to blame for the economic decline in the country.