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My questions after listening to amazing Grace

##RatedLoose with Rutendo Tapiwa Chigudu

Listening to amazing Grace speak on ZTV and I was enthralled. really, I was!

1. Move over America, a new super democracy has just emerged! a mere party card holder, a simple nominee for post of secretary for women`s league (thankfully, it’s just for Zanu women! Lord knows they need a leader. lol)

Rutendo Tapiwa Chigudu
Rutendo Tapiwa Chigudu

Anyway, this relatively unknown political candidate has just called for the resignation of a whole Vice President! (Shame, poor Itai Dzamara who faced cops for calling president [n government] to step down, well- he is the latest n freshest but many more have tried it and they got stories to tell about such stances they took.)

2. I’m now eagerly anticipating that our police force will be bending over, loaded with huge files of corrupt n other criminal activities from senior members of, not only government, but also of Zanu- yes, the people’s party ka. So, the incoming secretary for TWL has just said that our vice president gets 10% from investments and pretty much owns gold and diamond mines and dines with detractors of our very economy (I’m not sure if dining with national detractors is criminal but then again seeing that Temba was removed from his post in his province for receiving cash donations for his constituency from these detractors who are busy installing boreholes in our country among other things that our government has failed to do, it spells disaster for any one serving (or is it saving?) in the ruling party.

Ah, there were serious allegations raised by the one who has ‘more right than anyone’ to take over presidency from the one seated and entrenched, oops, I meant enthroned. So punches were not held back at this ‘Final Push’ rally (that was all about dunking a national leader into something worse than mud.)

But then again, hearing that this national leader wouldn’t accompany THE leader on trips to China (to ask for money to help ZimAsset come to fruition) I was left wondering kuti WHO would have been left behind to run the country (never mind that it would be in an acting capacity) then I recall that this vice president, from 2004, I think it was, was said to be ‘incompetent’ by the incoming and only woke up to go and watch president work.

(Btw, I thought I’ve seen several interviews of this same individual on the same national broadcaster hosting important meetings with dignitaries and ambassadors at her offices. (I’m now confused) But iii, I’m just a simple someone who listens attentively and analyses too much the info that comes her way.

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So, I’m now expecting impeachment or something- but then how is a vice president found incompetent when her boss isn’t?

How do we tell kuti THIS is what VP Was tasked with and she failed and this was for others? Given that our economy is relying on detractors` money (did we get permission to use it, I’ll find out and get back to me on it) who is to blame?

How does corruption run riot in a nation with a competent leader? Wait a minute, how do people even KNOW of a vice president receiving (or is it demanding, I’m not sure) 10% from companies and she isn’t arrested for corruption or theft or whatever that crime is? This is all confusing and I hope my eagerly awaited police dockets being opened is making sense now.

On the other hand, how much collateral and at what value does one need to have in order to borrow $20 million American dollars from the bank? I just thought I’d throw it out here, maybe some banking someone can help me.

I’m not forgetting the evidence that our much attacked (come to think of it, it even said kuti there’s some serious demon possession- whether on VP or on that young chap who has over 100 women at is disposal! (Damm, is that Gumbura style or in a manner unworthy of tryin emulate the bum wiggling, razor wearing party praise singers?)

3. So, it has been revealed that Mavambo and MDC was formed in the very house of a very senior Zanu and government member! (Let me hurry up and say, had it not been said kuti it was in the VP`s house, I’d have believed it- after all, what’s this guy`s name is rumoured to own 3 quarters of Harare and other towns and cities so what would be the odds? Kkkk)

My question now is- WHY did Zanu leadership keep this knowledge to themselves and went on to do wt they did to the leaders of the oppositions knowing full well that one of their own was a key founder member? hmmm, suspect

4. When did VP snub Amai? Just what did she do to Amai over the years that’s now got Amai to come out and speak like this? (I got the non-Congrats move on nomination to TWL Secretary thing, but that’s so recent, so too is the doctorate- but then again, they both got one on the same day (though I wonder who was cum de laude- is that even the word?

Oh well, it don’t matter much, us ma non-PhD holders can afford to not know these academic jargons, you know) Ok, back to the issue- who do I now ask or plead with to apologise aka, who do I ask to be the bigger person? Ayaas

Talking of bigger, did the first lady just love that VP is losing weight? (pls understand that weight is strongly related to wealth n good living, stress free life in these parts of the world) {and on that note, I think I now know who to approach to ask that they act their office! (Not that I’ll ever get beyond this wall towards any of those- speaking of which, wr are Amai`s offices? it just hit me that I don’t know.

5. Going back to the beginning, it is rather interesting that I am not waiting with held back breath for repercussions of the announcement that there was a VP vacancy and our very own Chinoz was personally alerted to it!

We all know the ONE office that has a vacancy but we say nothing [and allow our brains to go into overdrive] We know why these rallies are taking place. We all know why Mazoe orange crush is now on the lips of many. We also know why the doctorates and why what’s his name`s accident was major talk of the nation. We all know why doctor is quiet yet we can only speculate as to why HE is silent thru all this.

6. Loose Cannon & friends is gonna have to be pulled down- it’s a charlattan, a fake, imposter that has just been served! (and I have no idea why I had to put that as the sixth point.) RatedLoose