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Jonathan Moyo now looks like an idiot

By Lance Guma

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Two days after going to town in the state media trying to convince everyone that the First Lady Grace Mugabe had not attacked Vice President Joice Mujuru, Information Minister Jonathan Moyo now looks like a certified idiot.

Lance Guma: Through the Wire
Lance Guma

What was the point of Moyo abusing acres of space in the state media to deny the obvious rift between the First Lady and the Vice President when 48 hours later Grace would use another rally to deliver an even worse attack on Mujuru?

Grace Mugabe used her rally in Gwanda on Monday to call for the ouster of Mujuru telling the crowd “Some think because if you are vice president you just stay there and do nothing while Mugabe works for you, we want people who are capable, we do not want a liability, hatimude (we don’t want her).”

The remarks were rightfully interpreted as an attack on Mujuru even though her name was not mentioned. But speaking to reporters in Lupane on Tuesday, Moyo came out guns blazing and attacked the independent media claiming their reports on the rally were the “infertile imagination of their creators”.

“It appears, unless if one is conflicted by concrete evidence, that this was the work of people in Harare, in these newspapers, who were not at Pelandaba Stadium in Gwanda yesterday because Dr Mugabe never said anything of the sort,” Moyo rambled on in his usual verbose fashion.

The Mugabe critic turned bootlicker claimed Grace Mugabe “was addressing the qualities that a Vice President and second secretary of Zanu-PF should have.” Moyo insisted: “It was more and only about the office, not occupant, past or present, but the office as it relates to aspiring candidates.”

Well 48 hours later Moyo must wish he could crawl under some rock in Tsholotsho and hide. He now looks like an idiot after Grace Mugabe savagely attacked Mujuru at a rally inside Chipadze Stadium in Bindura. This attack was even more vicious and direct that the one in Gwanda.

On Thursday Grace Mugabe in a usual “foot in mouth” fashion publicly tore into Mujuru telling her she must apologise to President Mugabe or risk being dumped for her “divisive” activities.

Grace went on to accuse Mujuru of engaging in illegal diamond dealings, extorting shareholding in some companies, demanding 10 percent bribes and undermining the authority of President Mugabe.

“The person leading factions is the same person who accuses me of being involved in diamond deals, yet it is them that own a diamond mine. That person also moves around saying I want to acquire money using unscrupulous means when it is known that I started my businesses from scratch.

“It is that same person who goes around demanding 10 percent shareholding in companies. If you go to any company now, the name of that person is mentioned. You lead factions, you extort companies and you are involved in illicit diamond deals, so you cannot say you are not corrupt,” Grace Mugabe said of the VP.

We now await clarification from Jonathan Moyo on whether the reports on the latest remarks by the First Lady are again the “infertile imagination of their creators”?

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