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Stunner and Mudiwa trade insults on twitter

By Esther Gomo | Nehanda Showbiz |

It was all out war on Wednesday as two of Zimbabwe’s most popular rappers Desmond “Stunner” Chideme and Mudiwa “Hood” Mutandwa went head to head and traded insults on social networking site twitter.

Stunner and Mudiwa trade insults on twitter
Mudiwa vs Stunner: Rappers trade insults on twitter

It all started when Mudiwa tagged Stunner in a tweet by “@LeighMapz” who wrote “#WelcomeToZimbabweWhere rappers rap about having money, but can’t even afford a headboard”. Mudiwa retweeted with the tagline “Imao stunner”.

The jibe appeared directed at the infamous sex-tape from years ago which featured Stunner and socialite turned Big Brother celebrity Pokello Nare. A common criticism of the video was that the bed used had no proper headboard.

Stunner immediately hit back with “Munhu akaita mota yekupihwa akuda kutaurisa pane Vanhu vakatanga from one. Nxa!!!!!!!

Translated – Someone who had a car donated to him wants to talk too much around people who have started from scratch.”

He was referring to the Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor that Prophet Uebert Angel bought for his “spiritual son” Mudiwa last year. According to reports the gift was in recognition of Mudiwa bagging three awards that year.

Stunner then asked “Unorwadziwa ne life yangu here jah man? I don’t rap your gospel and I don’t compete newe inga I let you jack my style?”

Mudiwa then tweeted “all i did was tag you wat “@LeighMapz had said. ain’t gon fyt you here @stunnerzim, i took all awards i was ever paired with you n dats enuf!!”

At which point Stunner claimed Mudiwa was a copycat rapper who had been given awards he did not deserve. Stunner was not done, he then asked Mudiwa “Tag me chii chacho, y do you even follow me, unfollow and go to church?”

Gospel rapper Mudiwa hit back with “I don’t follow you mate, never tried….cant follow someone I LEAD.” Again Stunner took exception to this accusing Mudiwa of stealing his lines.

“You lead…now wakuba slogan yangu futi. Vanhu varikuona, nyarawo,” he said.

In the end Mudiwa tweeted “truth be told there is a lot I cud ev said bout u Des but I ain gon take the IMMATURE wae, rather am so sorry for tagging u.”

Adding fuel to the fire were fans of the two rival rappers joining the twitter war and tweeting uncomplimentary things.

Screenshots of some of the tweets that sparked a twitter war on Wednesday