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Farewell to Dr Eric Bloch: NUST Banking Students Association

We woke up Sunday 21st of September to the news that veteran economist, accountant and renowned analyst Dr Eric Bloch had passed on a few minutes after the hour of 1900hrs on Saturday 20th of September 2014.

Dr Eric Bloch
Dr Eric Bloch

On behalf of the NUST Banking Students Association (NUST_BASA) and the entirety of past and present NUST Banking Students, we would like to pass on our heartfelt condolences to the Bloch family and the whole of Zimbabwe for such a great loss.

Dr. Eric Bloch was the External Patron for the NUST Banking Students Association, an organization he served with such a great commitment and dedication.

During our time in the Banking Students Association Between 2006 And 2010 we were humbled by his commitment to our cause.

As our Patron he graced and blessed seminars and review meetings we organized. The knowledge and experience he had was immeasurable.

His vision about Zimbabwe and its Economy will only be realised if we apply the wisdom he shared with us. He was a true mentor and inspiration for many of us.

The respected Economist and Chartered Accountant was a man with a great love and passion to see those around him and the community to be better off.

In his capacity as our External Patron for the NUST Banking Students Association (NUST-BASA), he helped many students acquire placements for their Industrial attachment programs using his many links and connections in the entirety of the Zimbabwean economy.

He would always chip in and guide many with his incisive and candid analysis of issues in our journeys of research for fourth year student’s research projects.

We take comfort in his priceless efforts and mentorship.

May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace!

Richard Mawarire

(Ex, NUST, Banking Students Association Infor and Publicity Secretary)