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Jocelyn Chiwenga kicked out of farm

By Helen Kadirire

HARARE – Jocelyn Chiwenga, the ex-wife of commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Constantine Chiwenga, has been evicted from her Shamva farm after the High Court issued a divorce decree.

WALKING AWAY...Jocelyn Chiwenga vows to contest her eviction in the courts. (Pic by Daily News)
WALKING AWAY…Jocelyn Chiwenga vows to contest her eviction in the courts. (Pic by Daily News)

A writ of ejectment issued on Wednesday by High Court Justice Andrew Mutema saw Jocelyn being evicted immediately together with all her property, including clothes.

She was kicked out of the farm the evening the order was given.

“Whereas the commander of Defence Forces general Constantine Guveya Chiwenga, whose address for service is care of Messrs Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners obtained an order in the High Court of Zimbabwe on the 8th of September against defendant Jocelyn Chiwenga (nee Mauchaza), a businesswoman of Chakoma Estate ordering her and all persons claiming through her to be ejected from and out of Chakoma Estate D of Chakoma Estate C held in terms of Certificate of Consolidation Title No. 582/2011 dated 09-02-09, situated in the district of Salisbury in Mashonaland East Province, also known as Dockson Farm at present occupied by the said defendant (Jocelyn) as it appears of record,” read the writ.

A decree of divorce was issued by the High Court on September 8, which will see Jocelyn receiving miscellaneous items like bathroom robes and artificial flowers while Chiwenga gets various firearms and sizeable shares in industrial properties and residential stands in Willowvale, Borrowdale Brooke and Shawasha Hills.

Among Jocelyn’s items attached as part of the divorce settlement are ironing boards, candle stands, carpets, kitchenware, some of Jocelyn’s clothes and other small items. When the Daily News arrived at the farm situated 1,5 kilometres off the Shamva Road, Jocelyn was being denied entry by camouflaged soldiers.

The soldiers advised her that they were working under orders not to let Jocelyn or any of her workers enter or exit the farm.

“Tanzi haumubvumirwe kupinda pagedhi. General havana mukadzi. Imi hatikuzivei.(We have been told you are not allowed to go beyond the gate. The general does not have a wife, we do not know who you are),” said one of the soldiers at the boom gate.

Jocelyn told the Daily News that the deputy sheriff arrived at night and worked until midnight on September 10 to throw out her property.

“Last night, five vehicles arrived together with the deputy sheriff advising my workers that the farm had been seized,” she said.

“They got inside the three bedroomed house and looted everything including my clothes and underwear.” She said that after taking all her belongings, they ordered the workers not to wander around the farm and only allowed one worker to man the wheat so that it would not be damaged by birds. Soldiers were planted at strategic positions with 10 more stationed at the farm house.

Jocelyn and her legal team comprising Advocate Thabani Mpofu and Sue Brighton of Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans said she would be contesting the divorce and seizure of property.

It has been a roller coaster for Jocelyn, who has watched in consternation as her husband moved out of the plush Borrowdale matrimonial home. Daily News