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Zanu PF desperate for peacetime but with bloodied hands

Opinion by Fungayi Mukosera

Ever since the July 31 shambolic election, President Mugabe is gradually showing signs of frustration and desperation in the way he is dealing with both his party’s and national problems. Even his outburst about Zanu PF’s administration of crucial events and the rebuke of Jonathan Moyo are a clear sign of an irascible man at the limits of his wits.

Fungayi Mukosera
Fungayi Mukosera

His party was never the ‘washing dirty linen in public’ kind, so they used to say, but it shows that when we all thought that the politburo was discussing and solving problems, they probably where busy whistling lullabies to their old ‘madhalas’.

At 90 years Mugabe does not however look like the kind of man who will gather enough physical and mental strength to shake-up the mess that is in the country right now.

One uncomfortable truth for all Zimbabweans unfortunately is that the more wobbly the politburo grounds are, the bigger the troubles for all of us.

But with a precedence of barbarism as now clearly divulged by the likes of Chris Mutsvangwa, Zanu PF will unfortunately drag and park the whole country right at the bottom of Lake Kariba with it.

Zanu PF has set up a police force designed to protect their selfish interests. Even their own politburo member Jonathan Moyo once mourned what he termed the ‘kneejerk propensity of the police to pounce on innocent civilians ‘. To refocus this partisan force will however be a mammoth task to tackle especially with the kind of greedy heads that we have in the government.

The way that the police pounced on peaceful MDC youths when all the SADC heads of states where in the country is a clear sign that even if Mugabe wants this repressive force to go back to normalcy, his own seed of aggression that he planted in them has already spread roots and will haunt his administration persistently.

In a liberal democracy, the people are the perpetual judges of the works of a politician. That is why the new constitution recognises the right of any citizen to be heard either through participative democratic fora or peaceful protest.

The Zanu PF government really honestly want to create the 2 million jobs promised in their election manifesto but unfortunately that is going to remain just their woozy fuzzy politburo dream because they do not acknowledge the electorate whence their power comes from.

If they did they should have known that their populist tendencies of imposing racist indigenisation policies, rates bills cancellations, fuel blending policies and many others are rather retrogressive because they benefit just the few elite and squeeze the life out of ordinary citizens.

Zanu PF should be strongly advised that they need to realign their focus from egocentrism to respecting the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe. A state is a community of free men but unfortunately Zimbabwe has been turned into a community of Zanu PF obedient men. Up until the people are free tangible socio-economic peacetime in our country is inconceivable.