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Baba Jukwa disappears from Facebook

Controversial blogger Baba Jukwa has disappeared from social networking site Facebook sparking speculation over the future of the popular page which has over 409 500 followers.

Baba Jukwa taking notes in Nyoka and Kunyepa satire of a cabinet meeting
Baba Jukwa taking notes in Nyoka and Kunyepa satire of a cabinet meeting

Since the arrest of Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi the number of posts on the page has declined considerably.

In the past the page has been taken offline and come back online again after a few days suggesting its possible the same might happen.

Two weeks ago Baba Jukwa granted Nehanda Radio an exclusive interview in which he/she declared “we are here to stay.”

We had asked whether the security of the page had been compromised given that as part of the stringent bail conditions Kudzayi was ordered to surrender the password to a Gmail account – babajukwa2013@gmail.com to investigating officer Assistant Commissioner Chrispen Makedenge.

“We are here to stay, there is no intelligence in Zimbabwe, 263Preeze team forward forever. Viva Pres. prof Jonathan Moyo 2018. We playing chess, check our matrix we have won in elevating Grace Mugabe. We started off with Amai Jukwa and then Baba Jukwa,” the blogger said.

“We sold these idiots a dummy, our main man Kennedy (Australian-based hacker) gave them what they wanted, access to our gmail account and they bought the game…hahahaha these fools.

“There was no hacking, we wanted money to keep us going and these fools thought our guy who we prepared documents as Kennedy sold them a dummy. Unfortunately Kudzayi also spent time posting on our page and was caught.

“Luckily there is no evidence linking him or any named suspects because these guys are hunting in a sand desert. We here to stay, Prof Moyo forward forever. We gave them passwords of our gmail not facebook page so people must not fear anything,” Baba Jukwa said at the time.