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“Renewal Team” now a confirmed separate political party: MDC-T

PRESS STATEMENT – The announcement by the so called Renewal Team of their new National Executive Committee is clear testimony that these rebels have now formed their own political party. They have chosen new colours and have a distinct slogan. This is welcome in a democracy.

MDC Renewal Team in Mutare over the weekend
MDC Renewal Team in Mutare over the weekend

What is fascinating however is that this group which hitherto had masqueraded as a group of democrats did not conduct any elections for their National Executive but adopted a system of unilateral appointments by some undefined office. Perhaps this is because of the ongoing power struggle between Mr Tendai Biti and Mr Elton Mangoma. We wish them a speedy recovery from this disease!

Our system of choosing leadership in the MDC is different because our leaders are elected by the people at congress. Therefore our leader is very specific and known from time to time.

What is fascinating is that an Emmerson Mnangagwa protégé Mr Mutumwa Mawere has joined this outfit. To all right thinking Zimbabweans, Mutumwa Mawere is not separable from Mnangagwa. This unity therefore is a confirmation that there is a strong working relationship between the rebels and Zanu PF.

Despite the formation of this new political party, this outfit has not grown out of its obsessive crusade of attacking Morgan Tsvangirai as if he was the reason why Zimbabweans are wallowing in poverty and misery.

We are happy however that the people of Zimbabwe have thrown their weight behind Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC. They are therefore unlikely to be attracted by some leader-less and people-less outfit which has not appreciation of basic tenets of democracy one of which is that leaders must be elected.

Douglas T Mwonzora, MDC National Spokesman