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Zimbabwean prostitutes collecting sperm to sell to South African sangomas

Sensational reports have surfaced that Zimbabwean prostitutes are surreptitiously collecting sperm from their clients after sex.

File picture of containers with sperm
File picture of containers with sperm

According to myzimbabwe the sperm is being exported to South Africa where there is reportedly high demand by sangomas who are said to be using it in their traditional rituals.

The 250ml bottles of sperm reportedly sell for between US$25 and US$30.

According to one man, talk of the sperm reapers sent shivers down the spines of men who disposed of condoms after sex with prostitutes.

My Zimbabwe reports in one case a man was drugged by a hooker before being forced into repeated sex for the purpose of taking his sperm.

My Zimbabwe quoted Mr Last Zulu as saying the sperm harvesting craze had also spread to married women who were forcing their husbands to use protection during sex so that they could collect their sperm and sell it.