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Diana Samkange sues hubby’s lover

By Tarisai Machakaire

HARARE – Afro-jazz musician, Diana Samkange, has dragged her husband’s lover to court for badgering her with obscene WhatsApp messages.

Diana Samkange
Diana Samkange

Wendy Tendai Sanyahukwe was fined $200 for violating a Harare Civil Court order that prohibited her from harassing, phoning, threatening or insulting Samkange.

Sanyahukwe of 113 Zata Street in Mbare was found guilty of contempt of court by Harare magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta.

The messages are too obscene to be published in a family newspaper, and centre around sex, witchcraft and jealousy.

In mitigation, Sanyahukwe pleaded with the court to consider that she shares a husband with Samkange and is heavily pregnant.

Sanyahukwe said her conduct was influenced by hormonal changes that are triggered by pregnancy.

Prosecutor Shambidzeni Fungura proved that Samkange is customarily married to Calvin Nyazema and Sanyahukwe is the other woman.

Sanyahukwe’s affair with Nyazema prompted Samkange to obtain a peace order through the Civil Court in 2011.

Despite the order, Sanyahukwe continued sending obscene messages to Samkange through the WhatsApp platform, breaching the court order. Daily News