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Jonathan Moyo hypocrisy on Baba Jukwa

By Itai Dzamara

One of my principles remains that we should never tolerate attacks or victimisation of any fellow journalists, regardless of differences we may have.

Baba Jukwa taking notes in Nyoka and Kunyepa satire of a cabinet meeting
Baba Jukwa taking notes in Nyoka and Kunyepa satire of a cabinet meeting

For that reason, l find it wholly despicable that Jonathan Moyo and his acolytes are on an elaborate mission to assassinate the characters of Mxolisi Ncube and Mkululi Chimoio by alleging that they are the people behind the Baba Jukwa facebook character.

The worst thing is the attempt by the Moyo network to imply any criminal or wrongdoing, even if the two journalists had anything to do with Baba Jukwa.

Interestingly, yet ironically, Moyo presides over similar faceless writers under the Zimpapers stable, Amai Jukwa and Nathaniel Manheru.

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The minister may as well send his spooks to unmask the two writers, or simply tell us their identities so that the public judge them for their lies, attacks at personalities and other mischief.

Ncube and Chimoio are merely being used to distract attention from the Zanu PF regime’s scandalous failure, and Moyo must take the nation seriously by stopping his mischievous gimmicks.

That Moyo and his instruments can purport to have spent elaborate effort and claim to have hacked emails and other channels leading to discovery of two journalists behind the Baba Jukwa character, could have deserved the benefit of doubt.

However, them coming out with the purported expose without any attempt to obtain the response of the alleged journalists, sells out their dirty mission.

The same journalists they claim to have gotten deep into their emails and phone numbers just don’t exists in terms of responding to the scurrilous allegations.

Rather, and in fact, it is only Moyo who is made to speak and respond in the stories.

We are not all fools and know very well the trend of Jonathan Moyo’s habit of manufacturing his schemes, where he quotes himself as everything, from source, to analyst and also minister.

Issued by Itai Dzamara, on behalf of all Zimbabwean journalists that despise attacks on the profession.