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Bev is now far behind, claims rival Zoey

By Yeukai Karengezeka and Brenda Phiri

Raunchy dancer Norleen “Zoey” Sifelani says she made strides in her art while her rival Beverly “Bev” Sibanda temporarily left dancing for church.

Bitter Rivals: Zoey and Beverly
Bitter Rivals: Zoey and Beverly

Zoey said Bev, who returned to showbiz this week, is now far behind in their field and should put more effort to compete with her. Zoey said there is nothing special about Bev’s return and she will not be threatened by the U-turn.

She said it was an exciting coincidence that Bev returns when she is hosting a massive birthday bash on Sunday at Holly’s Hotel. Zoey turns 27 and her party would be graced by fellow dancer “Gonyeti”, The Trailers as well as musician “Shiga Shiga

“It’s awkward to think that Beverly’s return can be a threat to me because she is not in my class,” said Zoey.

“Instead she should be the one who is unsettled because she was not around for a while focusing on so called church business. I have advanced better than her, I am continuing with business as usual,” she said.

Zoey also said there is nothing special about Bev’s trip to South Africa to get a new kit for her group because she buys her troupe new outfits after every fortnight. The beef between the two dancers–cum-musicians is not new and Zoey said it is her counterpart who needs to mature.

“We talk to each other at times but l do not have a problem with her, in-fact it’s Bev who always tries to pick fights with me but I’m used to her now. Remember, she used to insult me during the days when she was at Prophet (Walter) Magaya’s church.”

The “Tatsemukira” singer completely shut room for doing collaborations with Bev in the music industry.

“I do not have any plans of collaborating with her because she is not co-operative. If a man like Magaya could not handle her, who am I to think that I have the guts to do such a thing?” she said. Meanwhile, Bev might be in South Africa shopping for new regalia for her group but aspiring dancers are scrambling to join her crew.

It is indeed back to business, according to her manager Hapaguti “Harperz” Mapimhidze, and many want to be a part of “the return”.

“I have been getting calls from all over the country from girls, deejays and drivers that want jobs. While we might recruit a maximum of three girls, we are retaining the old members as they have also quit Prophetic Healing and Deliverance church,”

Harperz also hinted on the qualities needed to join Bev’s Sexy Angels.

“Usually Bev prefers girls who are presentable. One stands a better chance of being selected if they are curvy like former dancer ‘Gonyeti’ or the likes” he said. The Herald