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Kereke’s explosive letter to Mujuru (Part 2)

HARARE – Munyaradzi Kereke, the Zanu PF Bikita West MP has made sensational claims that thugs who claimed to have been sent by Vice President Joice Mujuru and retired Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono wanted to kill him. This is part 2 of the letter.

Joice Mujuru, Munyaradzi Kereke and Emmerson Mnangagwa
Power Games: Joice Mujuru, Munyaradzi Kereke and Emmerson Mnangagwa

……….continued from Part 1 (Kereke’s explosive letter to Mujuru (Part 1)

8.9 In the wild, where there is no Constitution in the jungles of the beasts, flora and fauna, even elephants have learnt through convention that they must tolerate and co-exist with the minute species of ants, termites, dung beetles and worms as these play a vital role of balancing the ecosystem on which the giants forage for their own sustenance and survival.

8.10 The trinity of government in the balance of powers for the State matrix behooves the Executive to formulate and implement government policies, the legislature to formulate laws and exert oversight on the Executive as well as representing the masses that voted us into power, whilst the judiciary does interpret the law for good order.

The realm of courts and their functionality is, thus, clearly a judicial function that cannot be and must not be expropriated by the Executive without breaching the fundamental law of the land.

8.11 Can the Hon. Vice President also kindly take note that on 23 October, 2013, the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe clearly ruled as unlawful the dehumanising act of humiliation I had to endure when I was summarily kicked out of Parliament in broad view of the whole nation, and all this to try and please one Alias Musakwa at my unlawful expense. I elected not to litigate against this because courts should be the last resort if people can speak to one another to straighten their differences.


9.1 Hon Vice President, I have noted with curiosity the decision by some sections of Zanu PF to want to appoint Dr Gideon Gono to the position of Senator yet he has not even a week in Zanu PF structures, let alone qualifying on the party’s set guidelines for participation in Parliament.

9.2 Only recently I was treated like an outcast on account of the allegation that I was not in the party structures. How is Dr Gono different from my case?

9.3 What would the people say about the party and its applications of its own constitution?

Wise counsel says politics is a repetitive game of iteration where time and again, political parties must and will need to face the people to vote for them in successive plebiscites. The path of intertemporal equilibrium in politics must be and it is that which anticipates and avoids potential dangers caused by current actions on future polls.

9.4 This is the key to longevity in politics and evidence has shown that leaders who stay long in power, for instance over 3 decades in succession have carefully mastered the ability to sensitively and carefully work with and for the people, always anticipating and objectively sieving ‘out from current actions those irresponsible attitudes and precipitous actions that can breed future setbacks to ones’ political ambitions.

9.5 This wise counsel is particularly apt to Zanu PF where the opium of the resounding success in the recent polls might cause some to almost forget, self-annihilation style, that there will once again be future elections and that the people will definitely speak through their vote.


10.1 Hon Vice President, I have now become convinced that someone must have poisoned the way you look at me through falsehoods.

10.2 May you kindly take note that it is completely not true that I ever compromised any State secrets or written any report whatsoever about you as alleged in some quarters. This is fact.

10.3 To the contrary, I am being persecuted for the steadfast stance I have taken and continue to take against the multiple violations of the law and the country’s interests by Dr Gideon Gono whom the nation has learnt is another preferred candidate for the party.

10.4 For the record I list below examples of the breaches of law which Dr Gono did which Parliament, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission must fully probe and ensure that justice is served.

I wish to note that I have surrendered the concrete proofs to relevant authorities such that they are now in a position to easily relate with what I am highlighting to you Hon Vice President when you check with them.

(a) Dr Gono took US$37,5 million; ZAR1,4 million; and £21,511 belonging to the State and converted it to his own use. Authorities now have evidence proving this and the wheels of justice will turn.

(b) Dr Gono provided the Director General, Rt Gen H Bonyongwe with millions of dollars from State funds at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe via a commercial bank through a company called Brinsky Investments (Private) Limited for his own use.

(c) Dr Gono circulated Cabinet Minutes and sensitive military files to hostile foreign governments in clear breach of the Official Secrets Act. Proofs have been submitted to relevant authorities.

(d) Dr Gono partook in and masked the multiple million dollar fraud that took place at Interfin Bank.

Government of Zimbabwe lost US$17,4 million in this fraud. This is the reason why Interfin Bank was placed under an unusually extended curatorship which set a record in the whole world. The necessary proofs have been submitted to relevant authorities.

(e) Dr Gono sold Zimbabwe’s gold bullion to a private sector jewellery company in Saudi Arabia at 34 percent discount at a time Zimbabwe was reeling under foreign exchange shortages.

Proofs have been tendered.

(f) Shares worth millions of dollars belonging to the State were stolen from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe at a time children were dying of drug shortages in rural areas.

(g) Dr Gono bribed the officials at the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission with vast sums of foreign exchange in holiday allowances and houses stashed in shelf companies. Proofs have been tendered.

This is why the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is failing to act against Dr Gono despite the various reports submitted to them.

(h) Dr Gono prejudiced the State of hundreds of thousands of dollars through false travel claims. Proofs have been tendered to the authorities.

(i) Dr Gono stole Dr Kereke’s property number 23 Broadlands Road, Mount Pleasant Harare and sold it to Champion Insurance Company for US$500,000.00 cash and converted the cash to his own use.

This matter was reported to the Zimbabwe Republic Police under CR86/07/2012, and the civil suit side is under consideration at the High Court of Zimbabwe. Court records are there to prove this.

(j) Dr Gono bought real estate properties for his own use using State funds. Relevant proofs have been tendered.

(k) Several other cases …

10.5 The real trouble on me started when I thought I was doing my country an honourable service and reported these matters to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, as well as to Gen H Bonyongwe of the President’s Department.

10.6 The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission completely ignored my report which they received over a year ago on October 8, 2012.

10.7 The same day, I sent a copy of the report to Gen H Bonyongwe which he duly received and stamped but nothing was done.

10.8 Instead, Rt Gen Bonyongwe started to deploy his team on me, almost hunting me down, culminating in the direct declarations by the Provincial Intelligence Officer for Masvingo, Ms Zindi and District Intelligence Officer for Bikita Ms Huni who both openly declared that “our superiors have said Kereke must be diffused”.

Chiefs in Bikita were addressed formally by the CIO structures in Masvingo and Bikita at a lodge at Nyika Growth Point and told not to work with Kereke.

As of now, I fear for my life to even visit and work in the Bikita West Constituency that I am lawfully representing in Parliament due to the threats of violence on me by institutions of the State and this for want of preservation of narrow personal agendas for certain individuals who see themselves as semi-gods immune to the Constitution and the just hand of the Almighty God.

Rt General Bonyongwe and his team are fighting me for reasons I do not know. General Bonyongwe is seeking to cripple me so that Dr Gono’s matters are not prosecuted as he fears this might compromise him.

I speak out here with absolutely no shred of fear because a free society like ours must be defined by free exchange of matters that affect the public, transparency, equality of all, and people holding positions of trust dutifully discharging their functions honourably and not to use lofty positions in government as vehicles for the advancement of narrow projects for colleagues in business, in politics or otherwise.

The CIO Director General must account for his inaction when I personally supplied him with tangible evidence and information that Dr Gono was seriously acting to undermine His Excellency The President’s and the country’s interests.

I wrote to Rt General Bonyongwe several times and he ignored me, only responding through passing back the same information back to Dr Gono and launching surreptitious and overt operations on me. Zimbabwe was not liberated for fellow countrymen and women to torment each other through abuse of the machinery of the State. Out of this, a lie was then crafted to say Kereke is selling sensitive State information. Are these criminal activities by these two individuals State secrets?

10.9 Now my business interests are being illegally attacked by the system through abuse of Zimra systems as if I committed any crimes.

10.10 I am now being hunted down by gangs totting AK 47 rifles as if I am a rebel posing danger to the nation yet what I stood for and still stand for are the interests of the country.

10.11 I am now being told you won’t live beyond 6 days, suggesting that to some people my funeral has become their immediate objective.

10.12 I am being told groups have been organised to arrest me so that poison can be injected to neutralise me. Attempts are thus, being made to use every unethical and unprofessional routes to find reason to arrest me so that in the isolated confines of cells I can be neutralised.

10.13 God has favoured me by according me this opportunity to document the true circumstances that explain why I have become such a desired object of attack and I have been able to send my facts to you Hon. Vice President, as well as to my family and those in relevant positions in Government for inter generational memory.

As mere mortals, we are born. We grow. We go through happy and bad moments in life.

Some die young. Some die much older. And on this, Jesus our Saviour died at 33 years old; I am fortunate to have reached 41 years of age; and so life is like that. My day shall come. The final days for those hunting and persecuting me today for sure shall come, probably even before mine for there is absolutely no one who has got the capacity to pre-set their own time here on earth. I have spoken. The rest is in God’s hands.


14 Against the foregoing truths and reflections, the following key issues arise:

(a). Is Dr Gideon Gono immune to investigation and prosecution for his clear acts of fraud and treason against the State?

(b). Why is the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission not doing their Constitutionally defined mandate of investigating matters reported to them on Dr Gono?

(c). When the Director General H Bonyongwe acted to protect Dr Gono when I reported very sensitive matters affecting the State’s welfare, was he himself not acting in treasonous ways against the very mandate he ought to discharge given his very sensitive position in Government?

Whose interests is Director General Bonyongwe serving when he ignores evidence that Dr Gono is distributing Cabinet minutes to hostile countries, among several other breaches I reported to him?

I wrote several times to Gen Bonyongwe asking to meet him but instead his responses where surreptitious operations through his officials to directly try and cow me down.

Is this lawful? Should we live in fear in a free Zimbabwe because of an individual deployed in a specific time-bound position by Superiors?

(d). Zanu PF’s Manicaland Province has been regimented into forwarding Dr Gideon Gono’s name as a qualifying candidate for the Senatorial position even ahead of other deserving Party members long in the structures of Zimbabwe’s gallant revolutionary party who had gone through the mill of the primaries and the nomination court.

Is this not a clear example of corruption?

Does Dr Gono even qualify to hold any public office any more given his plunder of State resources for personal gain, and his treasonous acts? Is this activity by the party a manifestation of democracy or a sorry retrogressive mutation as a society to the cancer of oppressing the wishes of the very People that define our positions of authority in Government and the Party?

10.15 Hon Vice President, the real reason why I am being fought by the “superpowers” in this land is that they feel very restless to see me walk the face of the earth.

10.16 Dr Gono himself on November 1, 2013 sent Hon Deputy Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Hon F Chasi with the written message to the effect of telling Kereke “uchafa uri rombe” for breaking ranks with me. (Tell Kereke you will die a poor nonentity for breaking ranks with me). I chose to ignore this.

10.17 As a physically and financially weak natural persona, today I might be the soft and easy subject of abuse but the fair hand of the heavens always has a way to bring justice.

10.18 I am a law abiding citizen, a father of very young children, which children deserve to see their father’s hand holding them through the multi-dimensional journey of life.

Hon Vice President can I please be allowed to be a free Zimbabwean in our free country? Where I have transgressed as we all do, can the just processes at law be the guiding routes as opposed to the current terror, and kangaroo courts I am now subjected to.

10.19 I also want to end by letting you know that the reason why Hon Minister D Mavhaire has been fighting me so much not to stand as Member of Parliament for Bikita West is that he knows I am vocally opposing the fraud and lies that Bikita Minerals has done to the people of Zimbabwe.

The Hon. Minister is the board chairman and purports to hold shares there, blocking fellow Zimbabweans from benefitting out of the mineral wealth at this mine in line with the Indigenisation Laws of Zimbabwe.

In fact, by his own actions, Minister Mavhaire has also broken the law and we, the people of Bikita, including the Chiefs there, are being bulldozed and muzzled not to speak out against the blatant acts of corruption. Is this the Zimbabwe Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi envisaged when they launched the First Chimurenga where those elected to positions of authority by the people turn against the very interests of the people for their own personal gain?


11.1 Hon Vice President, when we, the people you lead and govern feel that executive powers vested in our leaders have been turned into cannons of fire on the people, we feel very unsafe and constitutionally violated.

11.2 The wise discretion of a prudent leader lies in the consistent and persistent disposition of strictly following the letter and spirit of the law and always being slow to vindictive anger and never to act against the interests of one’s own people. Doing otherwise is politically ruinous to one’s ambitions.

11.3 I trust that Hon Vice President you will carefully look at things from an objective point of view and play the motherly role the Nation did entrust on you when you ascended to the venerated position you hold in the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Yours Sincerely,


CC: His Excellency The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Prosecutor General Commissioner General, The Zimbabwe Republic Police Kereke Family Legal Counsel