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Wife bites off hooker’s ear

By Mirirai Nsingo

JURU – The old adage hell hath no fury like a woman scorned proved true for a Juru growth point lady of the night whose ear was bitten off by an angry wife who caught her being intimate with her husband.

Tawanda and Sharon
Tawanda and Sharon

Mai Marvin is alleged to have attacked Sharon Taruvinga after she caught her in a compromising position with her husband Tawanda who was a bar tender at the growth point.

Sharon is said to have affectionately held Tawanda before kissing him when they met at the growth point, without knowing that Mai Marvin was around. Mai Marvin is said to have immediately attacked Sharon biting off her earlobe.

A source claimed that “Sharon is a well-known sex worker and she had been having an affair with Tawanda. On the day in question she hugged him as she didn’t know that his wife was in the vicinity.

“She was holding him tightly at a secluded place behind the bar and it’s the same spot they used to have sex at during the night. The wife saw that and attacked, Sharon biting off her ear.

“People ran to Sharon’s rescue after they heard her screaming after the attack, she seemed to be in pain because she was seriously bleeding,” said the mole.

This journalist also caught up with Sharon, who seems to have retired from commercial sex work, for the time being, as she is now living with her new found love at UB40 village.

“It’s true that woman attacked me and bit off my ear because she suspected that I was going out with her husband. Akandiruma achitindakabata g**o remurume wake.

“It’s sad because I lost my ear because of false accusations. Although the wound has healed, I still feel a lot of pain and my head sometimes aches so badly. I made a police report and later withdrew the case because I felt pity for the woman who was heavily pregnant.

“I don’t live at the shops anymore because I’m now married and now living with my husband. It’s unfortunate that people are spreading lies that I was cheating with her husband,” she said.

Sharon’s husband John also sided with his new wife as he said that she had been falsely accused by Mai Marvin.

“Ndanga ndisati ndakudanana zvangu naSharon asi ndongonzwa vanhu vachiti nyaya yacho ndeyekunyepa yaakabvisirwa nzeve,” he said.

Tawanda and Mai Marvin are said to have relocated to Musana village in Bindura after the incident.

“Tawanda moved to his rural home in Musana village because he couldn’t stand the embarrassment the whole incident had caused.

“He was in love with Sharon, and she is well-known for sleeping around in this area and we used to warn him that he was going to get himself into trouble if his wife was to find out,” said Baba Tino, a retailer at Juru Growth point.