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Transcript: Prophet Angel speaks out

HARARE – Prophet Uebert Angel has gained worldwide attention through his prophesies. He granted the Daily News (DN) a rare no-holds-barred interview in which he responds to a number questions about him which the public has been raising since he rose to prominence.

Prophet Angel and wife Beverly arrive for the Exodus Night at the City Sports Centre on December 31, 2013
Prophet Angel and wife Beverly arrive for the Exodus Night at the City Sports Centre on December 31, 2013

The interview was conducted by the DN crew soon after his Exodus Night at the City Sports Centre on December 31, 2013 attended by thousands of people, some of them foreigners.

DN: Why is it that you rarely grant interviews and the few times you do, some people have claimed that you mix extreme arrogance and extreme humility.

Angel: The level of arrogance I exude is proportionate to the level of stupidity thrown at me by some circles of the media and as for granting interviews, that might be next to the word ‘oxymoron’ because I am granting an interview right now.

DN: So who is Uebert Angel and where did it all start?

Angel: I don’t like talking about Angel because he died when Jesus rose, so let’s talk of Jesus Christ if you have the time.

DN: You have answered the first part of the question but some would want to know where it all started?

Angel: If you insist Prophet Angel is the fulfilment of Ephesians 2:8-9, God chooses grace rather than works. If God had chosen works rather than grace you would not have had the need for this interview for there would not have been a Prophet Angel to talk about.  I would not have been chosen.

If you read Jeremiah 1:5 Prophet Jeremiah was called before he was even formed in the womb.

This is my answer. It is simply election by grace.

DN: You have become a world renowned Prophet and at the same time an enigma to your enemies.

What do you have to say about your enemies?

Angel: First of all let me say, I don’t have enemies whatsoever.

There are millions upon millions who love me with a great passion and then there is this insignificant number of people who hate me, so it is profound to note that enemies become enemies when you also hate them but I don’t hate anybody.

You see there are no enemies of Angel on this earth for I love everyone with the love of Christ.

As for being known around the world, that’s aforementioned; It is election by grace not by works.

DN: There are reports that you are worth about $60 million. Can you elaborate on that.

Angel: Real money doesn’t talk and those who are worth that much don’t give figures.

That was another rumpling of a tramp a journalist picked up and pocketed. If you really knew my calling you would understand that figure is too little to claim for any man of God because with Jesus in us, we are worth more than the $60 million dollars you mentioned.

DN: So how did this $60 million dollars come about?

Angel: You are the one who asked the question so you are better placed to answer that.

Anyway to clear the air, I was invited to make an appearance at a business symposium by one of this country’s up-and-coming young businessman which he was hosting at Midlands State University and on our way the organiser of the symposium was called by an international magazine claiming that I was worth that much so he made a passing comment during the symposium about the call and even reiterated that I denied the claims.

When my turn came to speak and give some students Angel Foundation University Scholarships, I felt it crucial to address that and I literally called it “a lie from the pits of hell” but Angel’s name sells so lies where spewed to the public and some gullible people ate the lies like medium fries.

I should add that if people believe God like they believe some news agencies, then the world would be saved in one day.

DN: It is a well-known fact you are very rich.

Can you tell us how much you are worth?

Angel: My ‘worth’ is aforementioned.

DN: Some people think that many men of God use church funds to fund their flamboyant lifestyles what is your comment on that?

Angel: Titus 1:15 says to the impure everything is impure so to a thief everyone is a thief and to a conman everyone must be a conman.

Those who say such are really not commenting about me, they are simply exposing the impurity of their hearts.

They know if they are put in my position they would misappropriate God’s finances so it becomes an enigma to hear that Angel is not doing what they know fully well they would do if they had my position.

Let me also add that Angel has well performing businesses around the globe that actually fund the work of God so Nay Sayers should just shut their mouths and move on with their lives.

DN: Some assert that your prophecies are too accurate resulting in some questioning if this is the work of God or of the devil himself.

Angel: I thought it would be reasonable enough for God to be more accurate than the devil. My accuracy should be proof enough that God is at work. Read your Bible on real prophets and then do the maths. I leave it at that.

DN: What about those who doubt your prophecies completely?

Angel: As you know, chickens make a lot of noise when an eagle passes by.

Even if the eagle is not looking for prey, the sight of it makes chickens make noise.

DN: You dine with presidents, heads of state, millionaires and billionaires alike. How do you meet them and what do you really discuss?

Angel: Presidents and rich people are souls like you in need of salvation.

When they come to me they don’t come as presidents because that is simply their job description and title so I simply treat them as souls.

As for what I discuss with them, that’s between me and them. I will never reveal what we discuss.

Even if it were you, you wouldn’t want me to do the same.

DN: But many claim that these rich people and presidents  give you the vast of your wealth?

Angel: People are entitled to their conclusions and in many cases entitled to their confusions too.

One time they say we steal from the church and the next it’s the presidents and rich people that are close to me that give me money. You see their confusion and hatred goes deeper than what meets the eye.

The Bible says in Mark 12:31 you can only “love your neighbour as you love yourself” so the level of their hatred towards me exposes how they hate themselves not me. I am only their mirror to see how they hate themselves.

DN: But is it ok for a man of God to be rich?

Angel: Show me one man of God from Genesis to Revelation who walked with God and was his friend and was poor and I will show you a great lier.

DN: But some say if men of God were not rich, they would attend church?

Angel: So they would want me to be poor so that they attend my church?

The reason why I will never yield to that request, besides the fact that it is contrary to my calling, is because there are so many poor pastors around the world yet these people you refer to are not members of their churches.

It is the most profound expose of their hypocrisy.

DN: On another issue, you had an Exodus Night on December 31 that many people attended from all over the world, can you elaborate on what’s in store for the nation in 2014?

Angel: You should have attended the Exodus Night yourself sir.

There are free DVDs for people like you who missed it.

DN: Thank you for your time but before you go, there has been widespread rumour that you prophesied about a English Premier League giants, Liverpool winning the title this season. How far true is this?

Angel: If you are at the top you become the topic sir. Maybe there is another Prophet Angel who prophesied that.

As for this Uebert Angel, he never gave such a prophecy and if Liverpool wins then thank God but never give me credit for prophesying something I didn’t. Daily News